Why You Should Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City Service Before Winter Hits

ServiceMaster DSI helps Kansas City area residents and businesses prepare for winter.

Precipitation generally rises in the winter, whether it be from snow, sleet, or rain. The worst part of this is that the summer sun is no longer around to dry up that excess moisture, so it gets mixed up into a special slushy mess that gets tracked through your home. This combination is a disaster for your company’s carpets when the slush and dirt sticks to the shoes constantly tracking through your offices. Even worse, maybe all that excess precipitation has found a way into your building and caused water damage. Before these winter-y downfalls damage your carpets—possibly permanently—call us at ServiceMaster DSI for our commercial carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, MO.


Forget all the hype about spring cleaning, late fall is the prime time of year to take advantage of our carpet cleaning services for your office. Your carpet is almost like a filter and like any other filter, it can only take in so much dirt before it fills up. Cleaning your carpet during the late fall will remove the abrasive particles and clingy oils before winter hits and salt and slush are tracked through your office daily.


Making optimal use of our carpet cleaning services before winter also allows for cleaner air throughout the cold months. Winter is a time when the air flow through your office is virtually shut off—windows are closed, fans are off, and the heating system simply recycles air. If you wait to clean your carpet until the spring, the dirt and dust on your floors will be more likely to pollute the air of your company’s offices.


In addition to preventative maintenance, you can call ServiceMaster DSI for carpet cleaning after a disaster. When your carpets are damaged from water, smoke and odor, fire, or even mold, you don’t have to immediately get rid of them. A professional carpet cleaning service like ServiceMaster DSI can restore and revitalize your carpets, saving you money when compared to the cost of replacement.


ServiceMaster DSI offers carpet cleaning services and disaster restoration in Kansas City, North Kansas City, and St. Joseph, MO and Overland Park, KS. Contact us today for immediate services or to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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