Why You Might Need Fire Damage Restoration Services in Kansas City, MO When It Comes to These Four Summer Grilling Dangers

When the weather’s nice and it’s too hot to cook indoors, people across the country pull out their aprons and light up the grill. However, cooking with open flame requires safety protocols to keep the fire where it belongs. While ServiceMaster DSI offers fire damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO, knowing about the dangers involved with grilling can keep a disaster from ever happening.


Fire: This one is obvious, but the full danger of fire is often overlooked. Both gas and charcoal can send flames beyond the grill, igniting nearby flammable materials which could possibly include your apron, your dog’s fur, paper plates, or the canister of lighter fluid! To prevent grill-related fires, always have a fire extinguisher handy, know how to control your grill, understand how to shut off fuel lines on gas grills, and always have a capable adult in charge of the grill.


Smoke: With fire, smoke is inevitable. It’s a great part of a backyard BBQ, but smoke is also dangerous to inhale. Smoke contains Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), a leading cause of lung cancer. Smoke and soot corrosion can also damage your home if the grill isn’t a safe distance away.


Fat: Our long history of survival instincts has taught us to love fat. It especially tastes great when it’s covered in spices and salt and charred over a flaming grill! Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most flammable foodstuffs we can introduce to open heat. A few pounds of grease and fat can easily build up in the bottom of your grill with each use. Clean your grill regularly to prevent dangerous flare-ups.


Fuel: Whether it be gas or charcoal, there are fire-related dangers with all types of grill fuel. Charcoal users have the potential to add too much lighter fluid when lighting the grill which can literally explode in your face if you aren’t careful. Gas users should be wary of any small objects like bugs, grease, or char blocking the gas line. If you notice a problem, turn off the grill immediately, but be wary of hot knobs.


If you keep alert and watch out for these four dangers, you will likely avoid any nasty summer grilling incidents. If for any reason you require fire damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO, contact ServiceMaster DSI!

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