Why Kansas City Homes and Businesses Need Temporary Power During Storm Outages


Whether from thunder storms or vicious snow events, none of us can predict home power outages. At ServiceMaster DSI, we can help you from falling victim to the potential side effects of blackouts. Our temporary power services in Kansas City are on call 24/7 to aid you during a power outage.


There are some other important reasons why temporary power can be a savior during blackouts. Your home was meant to continually circulate electricity, so when the power goes out, there are some dangerous consequences for your home and family.


Freezing pipes: In the winter, power outages are much more dreaded. They leave you in a freezing house without light or warmth, but what’s happening below your feet? If your house is left without heat in below-freezing temperatures, your pipes are susceptible to the cold. Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes and eventual water damage. If your home loses power this winter, you should quickly take action to employ a source of temporary power and prevent further damage.


No water: Summer or winter, power outages cut off the flow of water to your taps. This might not a big problem if you only needed water to cook and clean, but humans need water to survive. A human being can die from dehydration in as little as 3 days, and the symptoms can come unexpectedly. Even if you have stores of bottled water in your home, using a temporary power source during a blackout is the best option overall.


Electrical surges: When electricity is cut off from your home, the circuits go dead, but everything goes back to normal when the power returns, right? Well, most of the time, the electricity is controlled when restored, but there are times when the re-established flow surges and sends too high or too low of a voltage into your electrical system. Overloading your circuits and “brown-outs” can lead to house fires, blown fuses, and smoldering wires. Our temporary power services will keep your electrical flow normal, and you don’t have to reconnect to the main source until the flow is stable.


Power outages are more than an inconvenience. They can put your home in number of dangerous situations. Call ServiceMaster DSI for our temporary power services in Kansas City, MO, Overland Park, KS, and Olathe, KS.


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