When Should Kansas City Homeowners Get Their Air Ducts Cleaned?


Your home or business ventilation system is usually comprised of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (also known as your HVAC system). This system handles the building’s air flow, keeping the environment clean and at a consistent temperature. However, your ventilation system is not totally safe from contamination. HVAC systems re-circulate dust and debris into the air if not cleaned regularly. Call us at ServiceMaster DSI for professional air duct cleaning services in Kansas City.


Contaminants and debris can accumulate in your HVAC system even though proper air filtration is used. There are certain times when the ductwork needs a thorough evacuative cleaning:


Springtime: There’s a reason why spring cleaning is an age-old tradition. Over the fall and winter, dust collects more readily in your building than any other time of year. Salt dust, animal dander, and even mineral deposits in snow are left without the advantage of “airing out” with open windows.


In the fall: After summer, contaminants can affect your HVAC system as well but can be even more dangerous if not cleaned. The increased humidity in the summer can make your building into a happy environment for mold growth. If mold spores flood your vent system, your whole building can be filled with health-hazardous mold.


After a fire: Fires are perilous for a number of reasons, but after the flames are out and all of the visible damage is mended, there can still be a danger lurking in your ductwork. Your HVAC system will suck the soot and smoke residue out of the air after a fire, and though you can’t see it, these contaminants pose a serious health problem if left to freely circulate.


After water damage: After a flooding or water damage event in your home or business, even if it’s cleaned up and dried out, there could still be moisture and residue inside your vents. This can foster mold growth and send harmful spores into the building’s air.


Contact us at ServiceMaster DSI at any of these times for thorough air duct cleaning services in Kansas City, MO, Olathe, KS, and Overland Park, KS.


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