What To Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Kansas City Business Facility


It’s that time of year again. The January temperatures during the day seems harmless, but Missouri temperatures are dropping below freezing at night. While you slumber peacefully, the cold could be wreaking havoc on your business’s plumbing. Burst pipes are a common winter ailment that has the potential to flood an entire basement overnight. Fortunately at ServiceMaster DSI, we are here to provide full-service water removal in Kansas City, MO, Overland Park, KS, and Olathe, KS.


Our response time is about 30 minutes to an hour, but when you wake up to a watery mess, there are some things you can do right away before we get there.


Shut down your buildings main water supply. If your business’s pipes have burst and flooded, this will simply stop the flooding from continuing. If your pipes are burst but still frozen, you can isolate the flooding to the much smaller amount of water already in the burst pipe.


Close the valve to your hot water heater. Even if the water flooding your building isn’t coming from your hot water heater, this is a useful precaution to take. Cutting off as many energy sources as possible in your plumbing will more quickly solve flooding problems, even before we get there.


Turn off your entire electrical system. Flood water may have damaged your breaker system or wiring, or may be conducting dangerous currents over the flooded area. Turning off the electricity will stop these problems. However, you should NEVER try to cross flooded floors to reach the electrical system.


Take inventory of the damage. The sooner you do this the better, since you will eventually have to call your insurance company to report the damage.


Doing any or all of these things will make your building safer while you wait for the professionals to arrive, and it will make our job just a little easier so we can get the cleanup done more quickly and efficiently. The tiniest crack of a burst pipe can lead to a huge flood of problems. If your Kansas City business requires immediate water removal and water cleanup, call ServiceMaster DSI for quick, thorough and efficient water remediation services!

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