Expert Water Extraction in Prairie Village, KS

Water damage to your Prairie Village, KS, home will be a serious concern since it will result in damage to your belongings, to structural elements, and also cause mold growth. By hiring a professional firm such as ServiceMaster DSI for water extraction and restoration work you will be able to reduce the amount of damage you will have to incur.

Let’s take a look at what goes into successful water extraction and water damage restoration in your home.

Water Extraction From a Basement With Asbestos

If there is a likelihood of asbestos in the basement then we’ll first check to see if the contaminated materials are over the water line.

If asbestos materials are over the water line and intact, then water extraction can continue.

However, if the contaminated materials have been submerged, we’ll use a 2-stage water filter to collect the asbestos fibers. This keeps both our technicians and your family safe.

Complexities of Controlling Heat

After water extraction is completed, the next challenge our restoration professionals face is drying your home and belongings. We use heat to achieve quick and thorough drying.

However, controlling heat is a critical part of the restoration process, requiring special expertise. Too much heat can cause damage while too little won’t be effective.

One source of excess heat can be the drying equipment itself. Let’s look at an example that illustrates the amount of extra heat that drying equipment could add to a structure.

The formula for calculating this is:

Amps x Volts x 3.4 = BTUs/hr.

Now, let’s see how much heat will be produced if the restoration team is using the following equipment:

  • 13 air movers (four amps each) = 52 amps
  • 3 dehus (ten amps each) = 30 amps
  • 1 air scrubber = 3 amps

Total amps = 85

85 amps x 115 volts x 3.4 = 33235 BTU’s/hr.

In this situation, the water damage restoration company will have to make use of portable air conditioners (a one-ton air conditioner will be able to offset about 12,000 BTU’s of heat every hour) to reduce the excess heat generated by drying equipment.

By knowing the amount of heat their equipment is producing, experienced technicians are able to control the climate inside your home and achieve the best possible results.

Our technicians’ experience and training are essential to their water extraction and restoration work. The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are ready to tackle any water damage scenario, getting your home back to normal as quickly as possible. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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