Water Damage Restoration and Water Extraction in Prairie Village, KS, and a Look into Steps Involved in Restoration of Furniture

Flooding in your Prairie Village, KS, home after heavy rainfalls or thunderstorms can severely damage your belongings as well as the structural integrity of the building. If you fall victim to flooding, your first move should be to appoint professionals to start begin water damage restoration as well as water extraction so that further damage to your property can be prevented.

Other than damage to the home itself, furniture is another commonly affected item. Here we will look into some of the important steps our restoration professionals take to salvage and restore your furniture.

Restoration of Upholstered Furniture

If case upholstered furniture was completely submerged and badly soaked in flood water, the restoration professionals will salvage it by taking following restoration steps.

  • Removal of furniture coverings and tacks from frame
  • Thorough washing of coverings
  • In case stuffing is cotton stuffing then it will have to be thrown away
  • If padding is not cotton then it can be dried, fumigated, and reused
  • All metal parts need to be properly dried and then painted using rust inhibiting paint
  • Wooden furniture will be stored so it can gradually dry out

Restoring Veneered Furniture

  • The first step in restoration of veneered furniture involves thorough drying of the furniture. If the veneer is loosening up at only a few places, then glue will be applied under those loose sections.
  • If veneer is bubbled or not staying in place, then the restoration procedure would involve following steps:
  • Loose veneer will be carefully slit, glued, and weights will hold the section in place
  • The glued area will be covered with wax paper so that excess glue does not stick the furniture and weights together
  • Restoration of Wooden Furniture

If wooden furniture in your home has been submerged in flood waters, then the restoration professionals will take the following steps:

  • Furniture will be taken outside and restorers will try to remove all the slides, drawers, and other removable parts so that the piece will dry completely
  • If a piece has been submerged for a long time, doors and drawers may stickThese pieces will be allowed an extensive drying period before the back portion of the furniture is removed and the drawers pushed out from behind
  • Next, mud and dirt on the furniture will be wiped away
  • Once clean, furniture will be taken inside to allow slow drying
  • Finally, the piece will be re-glued if necessary.

If flooding has affected your home and you are looking for professional assistance in water damage restoration and water extraction in Prairie Village, KS, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (800) 954-9444.  We have necessary experience, skills, and equipment for handling the toughest restoration projects and will return your home to its pre-loss state quickly.

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