Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park, KS and the Usefulness of Floor Elevation and Flood Damage Resistant Materials in Reducing Flood Related Damages

Natural calamities such as floods can cause a lot of damage to your home and belongings. In Overland Park, KS, this can make water damage restoration necessary to preventing further deterioration. Today we will look at the floodproofing methods of using floor elevation and flood damage resistant materials, which can help reduce the risk of flood damage to your home.

What is Floor Elevation?

Floor elevation is considered a reliable floodproofing technique that can be utilized for most homes, including those with brick veneers, wood frames, slabs on a grade, basements, or crawlspaces.


  • You’ll need to make sure that the minimum floor elevation achieved is at least (or higher than) the 100-year flood level (also called the base flood elevation) in the region
  • The new foundation should be properly designed so that it can withstand sideways (lateral) forces such as fast flowing water currents as well as the impact of different waterborne debris


The procedure of elevating a building involves the following steps:

  • All utilities are disconnected by professionals
  • The home is lifted off the current foundation by house movers
  • House movers jack up the house to its new height and create a temporary foundation
  • Utilities are temporarily reconnected to make sure the home is livable until the new foundation work is complete
  • A temporary staircase is built up to the new height of the house
  • The new permanent foundation is built
  • The house is lowered by house movers onto the foundation and properly connected using anchor bolts
  • Utilities are permanently reconnected
  • A permanent access stair is built
  • Use of Flood Damage Resistant Material

Damage resulting from floodwaters can be reduced and cleaning requirements can be made easier if the building materials used are resistant to flood damage.

Such materials need to be utilized for floors, walls, and any other sections of your building that are located under the base flood elevation. Some such materials include:

Flooring Materials

  • Precast concrete and concrete tile
  • Decayresistant lumber
  • Coldformed steel and pressuretreated wood

Ceiling and Wall Materials

  • Concrete blocks, stone, brick, porcelain, and metal
  • Reinforced concrete and coldformed steel
  • Polyester epoxy paint and marine grade plywood

Other Materials

  • Hollow metal doors
  • Closed cell insulation

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