Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City, MO and Importance of Regular Inspections in Preventing Water Leaks

There are many things you can do to stop water leaks and prevent water damage restoration in your home in Kansas City, MO. By creating a regular maintenance schedule you will be able to rectify problems right at the onset and thwart serious property damage as well as health risks due to mold growth.

 Perform Regular Inspections to Prevent Water Leaks

Performing regular inspections and looking for sources and signs of moisture in your home is a great way to proactively halt potential water damage. Additionally, check odors or water stains and trace them back to their point or origin to find and correct potential problems.

Some very useful tips have been provided by TDI about checking sources of leaks:

  • Hot Water Heaters: Due to prolonged use, water heaters might develop cracks or rust, so check them on regular basis. Inspect the drain pan as well (if so equipped), and ensure the drain line is not clogged or blocked.
  • Faucets and Pipes: Inspect pipes beneath sinks and cabinets to make sure there are no leaks or any other type of deterioration. Water damage due to broken or frozen outdoor pipes can also be minimized by proper insulation of  all the supply lines in crawlspaces, attics, and exterior walls. You also need to protect outdoor faucets, and seal any gaps present in exterior walls.
  • Appliance Hoses: One of the primary causes of water damage are broken hoses. Check hoses and fittings on dishwashers, washing machines, and ice makers, and look for cracks, kinks, or bulges. The best type of washing machine hose you should ideally use is a steel reinforced one.
  • Showers, Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets: Leaks around showers, toilets, and bathtubs often remain unnoticed since such places are out of sight. You should make use of watertight caulk in these areas. If mold or cracks are visible on tile grout or caulk, it indicates the seal is not watertight. In such situations, the tile and grout require cleaning and a fresh application of sealant, and old caulk should be removed and replaced.
  • Downspouts and Rain Gutters: You need to ensure that all downspouts direct rainwater at least three feet away from the foundation of the house. It is also necessary to make sure all roof gutters are clean and clear. If they are packed with debris and leaves, water will spill over and cause water damage to eaves, siding, and foundation area.

These tips will certainly help you reduce the chances of water damage in your home. If you find yourself in need of a water damage restoration company in Kansas City, MO, ServiceMaster DSI can help you out. We have years of experience and can restore your home to how it was before the problem occurred. Just call us at 800-954-9444 and let our certified and experienced technicians begin the restoration work your home needs!

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