Value of Recognizing Fire Hazards and Taking Preventive Steps in Minimizing Risk of Fires and Reducing Expenditure on Associated Fire Damage Restoration in Overland Park, KS

Apart from the loss of property, fires can also cause very serious traumatic experiences such as severe injuries or deaths. After a fire your first priority should be to help family members recover, both mentally as well as physically. The next thing to do is contact your insurance company, and then call a professional firm to handle the job of soot removal and fire damage restoration in Overland Park, KS.

If you have not faced the trauma of fire, take the time now to identify potential fire hazards and initiate preventive steps to minimize the risk of fire and associated fire damage to your home. Let‘s look at some of the common fire hazards and the preventive steps you can take.

Fact #1: 50% of Fires in Residential Buildings are Due to Cooking

Identification of Fire Hazards

  • Waste material, trash, or scrap, when allowed to accumulate, can increase the risk of fire and consequent fire damage
  • Combustible materials such as cardboard, paper, wood, and things made of these materials, pose a fire hazard if stored improperly
  • Other combustible materials, like plastic cups or foam, when close to any heat source, starts burning rapidly and releases dense black and toxic smoke which necessitates thorough smoke damage cleanup
  • Materials soaked with oil, such as oily rags, can spontaneously combust when kept or disposed of in places where there is no air circulation
  • Machines and equipment, if not properly maintained, can easily overheat and result in a fire

Fact #2: Residential Building Fires Occur During Early Evening Hours (5 to 8 P.M.)

Fire Prevention Strategies

  • A safe distance of at least 36” should be kept between any heating appliance and combustible materials
  • If you have a sprinkler system, there should be a gap of about 18 inches between the heads of the sprinkler system and things stored on high shelves to facilitate proper distribution of water and quickly douse a fire
  • Avoid overloading circuits and motors, which can cause ignition
  • Many flammable liquids, like gasoline, xylene, and benzene, tend to accumulate a static electric charge that can cause a spark large enough to ignite such flammable liquids. The solution lies in grounding the metal container the liquid is stored in before it is poured

Fact #3: Fires Results in Property Damage Worth Billions of Dollars

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