Different Types of Debris and Challenges Faced by Restoration Firms in Debris Removal in Overland Park, KS

Natural disasters can generate different types of debris such as pieces of destroyed buildings, sand, tree limbs, gravel, personal property, appliances, and other wreckage. Debris may also contain hazardous substances that require special care. If faced with cleaning up after a disaster, calling upon a professional company with the required special expertise for debris removal in Overland Park, KS is your best and safest option.

In this context we will look at different types of natural disasters and the kind of debris that can be generated. We will also go through the details of some of the common services which are provided by firms as part of debris removal.

Types of Debris

Types of debris that are generated vary depending upon the kind of disaster:

  • TornadoesFor tornadoes, the main damage occurs due to rotating winds of very high velocity. Generally, debris consists of green waste, destroyed structures, as well as personal property.
  • FloodsFloods produce fast and strong currents which, when water levels rise above flood stage, can result in structural inundation. Debris commonly generated by flooding consists of mud, household items, structural damage, and sewage waste.
  • FireCommon debris resulting from a fire includes damaged structural materials, carpeting, flooring, furniture, fixtures, electronic items, and appliances.
  • List of Debris Removal Services
  • Restoration firms generally provide a range of debris removal and restoration services to return structures and possessions back to normal as quickly as possible. Some of the debris removal and associated services provided by these firms include:
  • Clearing Downed Branches and Trees: If severe thunderstorms or tornadoes cause branches or entire trees to fall on your home, driveway, or vehicles, a professional firm can work on the task of clearing such debris away to help facilitate repair work and provide safer access.
  • Removal of Hazardous Waste: Hazardous wastes in the form of spilled solvents and paints, insecticides, cleaning supplies, or septic overflows can pose serious threats to your health and safety. By properly cleaning and disposing of hazardous waste the restoration professionals ensure your house is a safe living environment.
  • Providing Weather Protection: If the roof of your home gets damaged, restoration professionals can install temporary tarps to cover the damage to protect your home from adverse weather conditions.
  • Pack Out & Move: You may have to temporarily leave your home so repair and restoration work can be conducted. An experienced restoration firm can easily pack your things and help you move to a temporary location until the restoration work is completed.

If you are concerned about debris removal in Overland Park, KS after a natural disaster, contact ServiceMaster DSI immediately. We have the necessary resources as well as expertise to tackle challenging tasks, and we will complete them according to specific guidelines and standards for removal as well as disposal of debris.

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