Trauma Cleanup – A Task Requiring Compassionate and Technically Advanced Cleanup Professionals in Prairie Village, KS


Trauma scene cleanup is a complex task. Not only do trauma cleanup professionals have to clean up biohazards and other contaminants appropriately, they must also work in a sympathetic way because of the disturbed psychological state of homeowners after a traumatic event. This is the reason you should only hire experienced and trained professionals, like those at ServiceMaster DSI in Prairie Village, KS, to carry out this rather challenging task.

Here we examine how experts utilize their experience in case temporary storage of trauma scene waste becomes necessary to ensure that such storage is performed according to regulatory norms.

Importance of Hiring Experts for Trauma Cleanup

Apart from performing cleanup properly, experts also utilize their knowledge and experience to ensure that waste generated at the trauma scene is stored according to statutory standards.

Professionals are also trained in the procedures to be followed if immediate transfer of such waste (to any storage or treatment facility) will not be possible. In such situations, experts carefully select a location to be utilized for short-term storage of trauma scene waste.

Selection of Temporary Storage Location

Necessary certification equips them with the knowledge of specific guidelines that should be followed while selecting a temporary storage location. Let’s look at the details that trauma cleanup technicians must make note of.

  • Secured Structure: They ensure that a structure is selected for temporary storage that’s secured and fully enclosed. Technicians also make sure that the location can’t be accessed by any unauthorized person or animals
  • Non-porosity of Structure: Trained technicians choose a structure that has smooth construction and comprises of construction material that is easily cleanable and is also non-porous by nature so that water or any other type of liquid can’t get into the structure
  • Corrosion Resistance: Experts also select a structure where corrosion-resistant material is used to protect the structure from things like disinfecting agents and hot water
  • Proper Drainage: Trauma scene cleanup experts ensure that there’s an adequate drainage system for floors to make sure that the structure does not face problems of stagnant water
  • Selection of Right Floor Coverings: Technicians make sure that carpets or floor coverings are removed from the structure if there are cracks or gaps in such floor coverings

It’s clear that you need to hire a trauma cleanup firm that is experienced in performing these complex cleanups.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company you can rely on. Our experts understand the mental state you’re in after a traumatic event, and we perform cleanup in a very compassionate manner.

We are equipped with required technical expertise, equipment, and cleaning products to ensure that clean up will be performed diligently to restore everything back to the way it was before the incident.

Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our experts will reach your home in Prairie Village, KS, to analyze the situation and develop a plan of action for starting cleanup work.

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