Tornado Damage Repair and Reconstruction Services in Kansas City


Tornado season is just around the corner for the Midwest. While May is the most active month for tornadoes in Missouri, April can produce its share of stormy weather. When tornadoes strike, they can cause massive amounts of damage to homes and businesses. If you find yourself facing any amount of devastation from a tornado, you can rely on ServiceMaster DSI for emergency reconstruction services in Kansas City, MO.


The areas between Kansas and Missouri may seem more protected from tornadoes because of the river, but they’re still situated within Tornado Alley. Since the Ruskin Heights Tornado back in 1957, Kansas City has experienced several other severe tornado outbreaks during the months of April, May, and June.


In 2003, the May tornado outbreak sequence continually hit Kansas City and other areas from May 3rd to 11th. This series of devastating tornadoes caused upwards of $900 million in damage. The after-effects of tornado damage can put families on the street and completely destroy small business owners’ ventures. Our reconstruction services are designed to quickly re-establish building stability and power systems to get communities back on their feet.


More recently, in May of 2011, a deadly tornado struck just south of Kansas City, hitting Joplin, MO. The tornado that touched down in Joplin covered nearly a mile of the area in wreckage and killed 158 people. The damage costs added up to almost $3 billion, ranking the Joplin tornado as the most costly tornado in U.S. history.


We can’t prevent these deadly storms from hitting Kansas City and other cities in the area, but we can be there for the residents after the catastrophe happens. Our teams are trained to respond quickly to dangerous situations involving building collapse and downed power systems.


April showers bring May flowers, but for the Kansas City area it can also bring dangerous and disastrous weather. As the tornado season approaches, remember you can contact ServiceMaster DSI for post-disaster reconstruction services.


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