Top Four Causes of Water Damage in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides water damage restoration services in the Kansas City area.

Water may seem like an innocuous substance, but it can cause an extensive amount of damage to your business. Not only can water visibly damage the interior of your business, it can permanently harm wood structures and leave moisture that rots most materials in your building. If you encounter a disaster that leaves excessive water or moisture in your place of business, call ServiceMaster DSI for water damage restoration in Kansas City, MO.


The most common causes of water damage are much more ordinary than one might expect. Seldom are they a result of heavy rains or flooding, but instead often from other sources:


Broken pipes: A single broken pipe can cause water damage in the immediate vicinity as well as throughout your place of business or even to neighboring buildings. Even if the pipe has a slow dripping leak, the resulting accumulation of water and condensation could require water damage restoration services.


Fire Sprinklers: After smoke from a kitchen mishap fills the air, or even after a smoke detector malfunction, fire sprinklers rain down copious amounts of water to ‘save’ your place of business. However, they also leave everything soaked unless the water is removed as quickly as possible. Our water damage restoration services can dry and clean out your business after a fire sprinkler activation.


Overflowing Sinks: Most places of business have sinks, and flooding sinks are common, especially in restaurants. Backed-up drains are usually the cause of overflowing sinks, but it could be a more serious problem in the plumbing. If not noticed immediately, an overflowing sink can spill a large amount of water into your building, which is where our water damage restoration services come in.


After-fire Water Damage: Some of the most extensive water damage can originate from outside your building. If a neighboring building catches fire, the fire department will spray thousands of gallons of water onto and into it to extinguish the flames. This water generally finds its way into the lower levels of nearby buildings, turning your place of business into an swampy mess.


Though any of these disasters may seem devastating, our water damage restoration services can quickly and effectively clean up excess water and dehumidify your building. If you find yourself in need of water damage remediation and restoration, please give ServiceMaster DSI a call as soon as possible. We will quickly and efficiently help get your business back to normal.

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