Top Five Carpet Cleaning Woes for Kansas City Homes

ServiceMaster DSI of Kansas City provides professional carpet cleaning services for Kansas City homeowners.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, your home gets displayed more and more to your guests and visiting family. Having a dirty carpet can put a damper on any holiday gathering, and sometimes it’s not enough to vacuum or even steam clean it yourself. That’s why ServiceMaster DSI supplies all your carpet cleaning needs in Kansas City, MO. We can remove the hardest stains, including these top five most staining substances:


Kool-Aid: Your kids may love it, but your carpet doesn’t. Just like it stains your kids’ lips, this brightly colored drink will wreak havoc on your spotless carpet. The dry powder might not look very powerful, but there’s a reason why it can be used to dye hair, clothes, and skin.


Pet Stains: These are a little more common than Kool-Aid stains, but just as difficult to remove. They can also leave a bad odor if not cleaned up properly. We have the carpet cleaning equipment to effectively treat pet stains and remove any discoloration and odors.


Coffee: Coffee smells a whole lot better than pet-related stains, but it leaves your carpet looking dirty. If you have milk in your coffee when it decides to re-situate itself to the floor, things could get a little stinky and sticky. It’s very difficult to remove coffee stains, even with the strongest cleaning products available to you. That’s why we are here to help with all your carpet cleaning needs, even the coffee ones.


Blood: It’s very easy to tell when stains are from blood, and untreated blood stains may be a bit disturbing to your guests. Blood stains can last for years, and the longer they sit, the harder they are to get out. Never use hot water on a blood stain as it will bind the particles to your carpet fibers. Your best bet is to call us for our carpet cleaning services.


Ink: Ink stains seem to get worse the more you try to clean them out. Most ink is highly concentrated pigment, and it can also leave an oily residue. Some inks aren’t even water soluble and require special cleaning products to remove. Permanent markers are often guilty of this.


We can treat any of these stains and more, so call us for our carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, MO before the holiday festivities arrive.

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