Top 4 Tips on Selecting the Right Water Damage Restoration Company in Kansas City, MO

If you have suffered water damage, it can result in serious issues.  As such, your top priority should be to have a reputed water damage restoration company in Kansas City, MO start remediation work on an urgent basis. But since the restoration industry lacks regulations, there are companies that tend to overstate their qualifications or pose as experienced professionals when, in fact, they’re not.

If you hire any such company, it can cause more harm than good and delay repairs. Thus, our aim here will be to provide you with some tips on how to select the right company.

Tips to Select the Right Restoration Firm

Tip #1: Use The Services of Certified Professionals

Homeowners should hire certified professionals to for perform restoration work. Despite the fact that there are no specific regulations governing this industry, proper certification reflects a technician’s eagerness to receive the required training.

It also shows that they are serious about the profession they are in. One such certification is offered by IICRC and highlights the fact that the technician has completed the required training and is well aware of the latest technologies and techniques that are to be used in restoration work.

Tip #2: Consider Pricing and Recommendations

You should not base your decision about selecting a restoration firm solely on a recommendation from an insurance company or on a quoted price.

If possible, you should discuss with friends and neighbours who have recently hired such professionals to learn about technicians they have been satisfied with.

According to the IICRC, insurance agencies often choose any particular restoration firm on the basis of price. But keep in mind that very low pricing would normally indicate that the restoration firm does not utilize modern repair and drying techniques.

Tip #3: Look for a Range of Services

Ideally, you should select a firm that offers many different restoration services. You can easily check their expertise by looking at the range of services they provide.

For instance, mold remediation is an essential part of restoration work. Mold sets in rather quickly in the wake of water damage, so any reputable firm should be providing this service since.

If you find a water damage restoration firm that does not provide mold remediation, the company is likely not fully prepared to work in different job settings.

Tip #4: Seek Immediate Response and Remediation

You should not hire a firm that is reluctant to begin restoration work right away. As time passes, the loss you will have to incur increases. As such, an immediate response is quite important.

It is worth mentioning here that nowadays, modern equipment can almost completely dry out your home in just 36 hours, which highlights the benefit of an immediate response. This being said, the actual time required might vary depending upon the particular situation.

If a restoration company insists on delaying the remediation work, you cannot trust such a company to complete the restoration work within a reasonable time frame.

If you are searching for a water damage restoration company in Kansas City, MO, you need to get in touch with us at ServiceMaster DSI. Our technicians have the required certifications and skills to work on restoration tasks of any magnitude.

All you have to do is call us at 800-954-9444. We will immediately come to your home to examine the extent of the water damage and start restoration work on an urgent basis.

8 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips on Selecting the Right Water Damage Restoration Company in Kansas City, MO

  1. Thank you for the help. I have a friend whose house just flooded and he is looking for a water cleanup service. I think he would love to find a company with multiple services, as you discussed. Should most companies include services such as mold remediation?

  2. You wrote in your blog that you should always work with water restoration services that have certifications and training, as it shows they are passionate and serious about their work. A friend of mine had some plumbing issues, and water got everywhere. I’ll tell them to find a good service that has well trained employees, so that they can get their house looking like new again.

  3. A friend of mine had a pipe burst in his basement and didn’t know who to call, and I was thinking that I would want to know who to call if that happened to me. I really like that you say to make sure that the company is certified. It would be nice to see that they have done everything they needed to to get to where they are.

  4. I really liked your tip to seek restoration services immediately after a water damage emergency. It’s important that you get things taken care of quickly before mold spreads. I’ve always figured it was easier to restore and clean up messes early in the process before they’ve settled for a while to make the cleanup as easy as possible.

  5. You make a really interesting point about choosing a restoration firm that offers many different services. After all, most homeowners only think about calling a restoration service for water damage from floods. However, if the company you hire is well-equipped, they might be able to handle other disasters such as fire damage.

  6. It really can be devastating to realize just how much damage your home has taken as the result of a flood or burst water pipe. The article makes a very good suggestion about making sure the water damage restoration service you hire provides immediate service. After all, if it an emergency, such as the aftermath of a flood, then you are going to want help with saving your home as soon as possible.

  7. I agree with you that I should hire certified professionals to do the job, that way I know that they are effective and well-trained. Recently we’ve been having leaks everywhere, and my mom’s already getting frustrated. I need to get the water system fixed, and I want a company who’s experienced and reliable to do it. Thanks to your article, I now have a few ideas. Thanks for the tips!

  8. It was really nice how you said that proper certification proves the technician’s eagerness to be trained as well as show their seriousness in the profession that they have chosen. I guess that’s enough reason for me to look at certifications when hiring professionals to help us with the water damages. The last storm caused a major problem in the house as it caused the entire basement to the flood. I’m worried that it will cause problems in the future, so we need a professional to have a look at it right away. Thanks. Your tips will help us a lot!

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