The Types of Water Damage Restoration Tasks Performed in Kansas City, MO

Water damage can destroy building materials and furnishings and cause serious health problems for people living in a house that has experienced flooding. It is important to contact a water damage restoration service provider in Kansas City, MO as soon as possible to minimize property loss and avert various health risks.


Most common causes of water damage

There can be various reasons for water damage such as:

  • Broken pipes or plumbing leaks
  • Overflowing toilets or sewage backups
  • Dishwasher or washing machine leakages
  • Foundation cracks
  • Flooding from firefighting efforts
  • Natural disasters such as storms

Folks in the Kansas City area are well aware of the fact they face severe storms, especially during the spring and early summer months, as they are located right at the edge of what is known as Tornado Alley. Water damage is quite likely when severe storms hit the region.


What can you do?

Things you can do to control the damage until professional help arrives includes:

  • Turn off electrical power as well as remove electrical devices from areas where there is excess water.
  • Refrain from walking on wet carpets.
  • Try to keep aluminum foil beneath furniture legs to prevent staining.
  • Pin-up furniture skirts to keep fabric from touching water.
  • Remove high value and moisture sensitive items from flooded area.
  • Do not turn on air conditioning or heating equipment since they can spread contamination if the problem is caused by sewage backups.


Why is it necessary to act quickly?

In a water damage situation it is necessary to act quickly because:

  • Water will seep into walls, floor coverings, foundations, as well as wooden structures.
  • Water and excessive moisture will lead to mildew, bacteria, and mold growth.
  • Water will deteriorate the structural integrity of the building.


Role of restoration companies

The restoration work depends a lot on the type of water that is causing the problem. The three types of water are clean water, gray water, and black water. The most common restoration tasks performed by water damage restoration companies include:

  • Proper assessment of the damage (to know whether it is Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 water damage) through use of the latest moisture detecting equipment.
  • Water extraction services where freestanding water is removed with the help of high power water extraction devices.
  • Carpets are removed to aid faster drying.
  • If necessary, drywall is removed to prevent bacteria and mold growth.
  • Drying, dehumidification, deodorization, and sanitization of the structure as well as contents.
  • Ensuring that moisture has reached normal levels in every part of the house.

If you require water damage restoration services, we are just a call away at 800-954-9444. We will immediately send our technicians in Kansas City, MO to judge the severity of the problem, formulate a remediation plan, and begin restoration work.

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