The Importance of Packout and Content Storage in Storm Damage Cleanup Performed at Parkville, MO, Homes

During storms, winds can reach speeds of more than 300 miles per hour, inflicting serious damage to your Parkville, MO, home. Storms can also lead to flooding, which brings hazardous contaminants and debris into your home. When your home and belongings suffer from storm damage, contact the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for immediate assistance!


Water stagnating for more than 48 hours can result in other problems such as mold growth and mildew. By hiring experts for storm damage cleanup, you’ll have the assurance that your property and belongings will be fully restored quickly and effectively. ServiceMaster DSI will take all the right steps to stop the growth and be your best local mold treatment option.


Protecting your belongings during cleanup is important to us. Let’s explore how our storm damage cleanup professionals restore and protect your belongings!


How Storm Damage Cleanup Experts Protect Your Belongings after a Storm

After a storm passes, it can take many days or even weeks to restore and clean up your house. During this time, our storm damage cleanup experts perform proper packout and content storage to protect your belongings.


Depending on your specific situation, we determine the type of packout that would best suit your needs.


Different Packout Options

  • On-Site Packout: If the damage to your home is isolated or not severe, we’ll perform packout on site and place items in areas of the home that were unaffected by the storm.


  • Container Packout: If the damage to your home is more significant and large items can’t be stored in your home, we’ll use containers to store your items and protect them from being damaged.


  • Off-site Packout: In cases where your home has been severely damaged, we’ll pack your belongings and store them in one of our secure, off-site locations. All of our off-site locations are climate controlled to ensure nothing is damaged. Also, if any of your belongings have experienced damage, we’ll restore them at these off-site locations.


Finding a storm damage cleanup firm that can protect and restore your belongings is essential to recovery. ServiceMaster DSI is one of the leading firms in the country that performs storm damage cleanup, and you can rely on us to restore your home and belongings to their original condition.


We have the expertise to take care of varied tasks such as emergency board up, content storage, and debris cleanup at your home in Parkville, MO. Contact us at (816) 527-9412 or fill out a service request form for immediate assistance.

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