Is Your Business Prepared for Storm Damage?

Is your Leawood, KS, business prepared for a tornado? While we most often think of tornado season during the late spring and early summer, there’s typically a second peak of tornado activity during October and November as the winter air comes in, according to the Wichita office of the National Weather Service.


As storm damage and disaster restoration specialists, ServiceMaster DSI in Leawood, KS, is using Preparedness Month to help local businesses prepare for and mitigate storm damage.


FEMA publishes a considerable amount of useful information about preparing for and handling disasters. Take advantage of their free resources!


In this post, we’ll give a primer on their excellent guide on preparing your organization for a tornado.


  • Prepare Your People. As FEMA writes, this begins with informing your people of the dangers. Awareness is always the start to planning. Tornadoes can be a mile wide and push winds to 200+ miles per hour—hopefully that gets their attention! Ensure that your people are familiar with your disaster plans, including resources, communications, and document/information protection. In addition, be familiar with National Weather Service terms like watches and warnings:
    • Tornado Watch: a tornado is possible
    • Tornado Warning: a tornado is imminent


  • Hold a Tabletop Exercise. A “tabletop exercise” is where you meet with key personnel and decision-makers and run through scenarios, discussing how you react and what each of you does. This is a low-stakes way to talk through the actual implementation of your plans. Doing this helps you identify weak spots and issues that you might not have thought of while drafting your plan on paper.


  • Maintain momentum Year-Round. Don’t just come up with a plan and call it good. Identify free training opportunities from organizations like the American Red Cross and FEMA. Maintain and update your plans to ensure that you’ll always be ready and be able to maintain operations.


Disaster strikes even against the best laid plans. When you need it most, count on ServiceMaster DSI in Leawood, KS, to get your business back on track following severe storm damage. From water damage restoration to document restoration, we’re industry-leading experts with the capacity to respond quickly and efficiently after disaster. Call us 24/7 at (816) 527-9412 or learn more about our services.

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