Why Is It Necessary to Hire Experienced Professionals for Storm Damage Cleanup in Overland Park, KS?

Storms can result in significant damage to your home. Additionally, the heavy rainfall it brings with it can cause serious water damage to your home. In such conditions, you should hire an experienced storm damage cleanup company, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to handle the cleanup and restoration of your home in Overland Park, KS.

In this context we will look at value of hiring experts for this job and how they utilize their experience to perform drying procedures in right manner to minimize water damage you have to face.

The Value of Hiring Experts for Storm Damage Cleanup

Ensuring Proper Drying

When drying your home, experts will use air and heat exchange to achieve desired results. In order to select the proper procedure, they will consider several factors that can impact the drying of the structure. Some of these factors include the presence of sensitive content in your home, temperature limits that you have set at home, and changes in weather and other related psychrometric factors.

Avoiding Excessive Heating

Storm damage cleanup experts understand how to avoid the use of excessive heat during the drying process. They know that such excessive heat can result in more damage as well as increased humidity levels in a home.

This is why experts will ensure that the temperature is maintained at 105°F or 40.6°C while the drying procedure is carried out to achieve best results.

Use of Negative Pressure

Experienced professionals also use negative pressure while carrying out the drying process at your home.

The reason experts create such negative pressure at your home is to prevent humidity, caused by evaporation, from entering unaffected locations in the home. After humidity is adequately controlled, technicians shift back to positive or neutral pressure for the remainder of the drying process.

It’s important to note that before creating negative pressure, experts will perform required checks to make sure it’s necessary to create the negative pressure.

To do so, they’ll thoroughly analyze the temperature of the materials that aren’t affected by water damage and check the dew point in unaffected spaces before the drying process is started.

Continuous Monitoring

Experts will ensure that structure of your home and everything inside it properly dries out. To accomplish this, they continuously monitor the progress of the drying procedures to ensure everything works out as planned.

While monitoring, technicians will analyze whether the air in your home has become drier in comparison to previous readings they’ve taken. They also continuously monitor relative humidity to make sure it remains low and does not result in secondary damage.

As we can see, experience is quite important in storm damage cleanup work. ServiceMaster DSI is the best company to select because we have several years of industry experience and can carry out storm damage cleanup efficiently. All you have to do is contact for all your disaster restoration needs at (816) 527-9412.


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