Storm Damage Cleanup and the Steps Homeowners in Overland Park, KS, Can Take to Avoid Falling Prey to Restoration Scams

Storms, strong winds, and heavy rains can result in significant damage to your Overland Park, KS, property, necessitating restoration and repair work on an immediate basis. You will have to hire a disaster restoration company to help with storm damage cleanup as soon as possible. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you’re hiring the right company and not working with a fraudster or scammer.

Avoiding Post-Storm Damage Restoration Scams

Homeowners can take several steps to save themselves from falling prey to storm damage scams.

Company Details

When hiring any storm damage cleanup firm, you should have all the information such as the company’s business name, phone numbers, address, and references.

Additionally, you should check the vehicle that the contractor is driving. Are the company’s business name, phone number, and address on the truck?

Moreover, ask the company to provide you with a copy of their business license as well as a certificate of insurance and check whether these documents are up to date

Be aware of price gouging: when you’re charged a much higher price for services than normal.

Should You Replace or Reseal Your Roof?

If the roof has started leaking as a consequence of the storm, don’t just assume that the entire roof needs to be replaced just because the contractor suggests it.

You should get at least three estimates before finally deciding to replace the roof. It’s possible that the leak could be repaired by simply resealing all the openings; it may not be necessary to completely replace the roof.

Get the Contract in Writing

Make sure that the contract clearly specifies all the work that you expect the disaster restoration firm to perform.

It could be a grave mistake to assume that the firm will perform all the required tasks if they’re not mentioned in the contract.

Do not hire an uninsured contractorinsurance lets you avoid liability if a neighbor’s home gets damaged during repair work.

Making the Final Payment

You should make the final payment only after you are completely satisfied with the work performed by the storm damage cleanup company.

If it’s dark when the work is completed, ask your contractor to return in the morning.

This will help you thoroughly check the work that has been performed by the firm and be sure that everything has been completed as detailed in the contract.

If your home has suffered storm damage and you’re looking for a firm to carry out storm damage cleanup and provide pack out and emergency board up services, you should contact us.

The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are experienced with such disaster restoration tasks and can ensure that your home is restored within the shortest possible time frame.

Contact us on our emergency storm damage restoration helpline number at (800) 954-9444 and our technicians will visit your home in Overland Park, KS, to check the extent of the damage and start work.

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