Storm Damage Cleanup in Overland Park, KS and Challenges in Cleaning and Disinfection of Sewage Contamination

A severe storm can cause significant damage to your home and create the need for professional storm damage cleanup. When a storm damages your home, you should contact a company that provides services such as debris cleanup, emergency board up, and content storage as part of their disaster restoration services in Overland Park, KS.

Today we’re going to look into the problems sewage contamination can cause and the steps cleanup professionals take to rectify the situation.


Problems of Sewage Contamination During Storms

Heavy rainfall caused by severe thunderstorms can result in flooding, and sometimes the flood waters that rush into your home can be contaminated with sewage.

Septic tank systems can also be negatively impacted by storms and heavy rains. If the dosing pump were to fail or lose power due to a storm, it’s possible for sewage to backup into your home and cause significant contamination.


Cleanup of Sewage Spills and Sewage Contaminated Items

The following procedures are utilized by storm damage cleanup professionals to cleanup items and areas contaminated by sewage:

  • All hard surface floors, walls, as well as other surfaces are cleaned using soap and water. The cleaning is followed by a disinfection procedure with a bleach solution
  • After the cleanup and disinfection procedure is completed, the affected area and items are thoroughly dried to preventing mold growth
  • Clothing and linens that have absorbed sewage are washed in hot water or dry cleaned
  • If fibrous insulation, fiber board, or the disposable filters of your HVAC system have come in contact with sewage, they are removed and replaced
  • All carpeting in your home will be steam cleaned
  • Items that cannot be washed will be thoroughly air dried and sprayed with disinfectant
  • Items such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, and wall coverings will be removed and properly disposed of


Cleaning of Sewage Spills Outside the House

  • If a sewage spill occurs outside of the house, the storm damage cleanup technicians will utilize garden lime for the disinfection procedure. The lime is sprinkled over the affected surface and left as-is for a day. On the following day, the deposit is raked-up and placed in trash bags to be disposed of properly
  • After the cleanup procedure is completed, the area is washed using clean water

If your home has been affected by a storm and you’re looking for a professional firm to perform the task of storm damage cleanup, contact the experts at ServiceMaster DSI. We have the required equipment, cleaning solutions, and experience to efficiently and thoroughly conduct the cleanup tasks.

All you have to do is call our disaster restoration helpline at (816) 527-9412. Our team of experts will immediately reach your home in Overland Park, KS, analyze the situation, and start the task of disaster restoration.

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