Steps in Fire Restoration in Kansas City, MO Involving Cleanup of Soot Residue and Removal of Lingering Smoke Odor

A fire can be quite destructive. After the flames have been extinguished, aside from the water damage caused by fighting the fire, you will find that your belongings which did not burn have been damaged by smoke and soot. Worse yet, everything will reek with the stench of smoke odor. In a situation such as this it is imperative for you to contact a local fire restoration company in Kansas City, MO to start the restoration work as soon as possible.

Fire Damage & Associated Restoration Steps

When the restoration company arrives at your home it has two main tasks;

  • Removal of soot residue to prevent further damage
  • Clear the smoky odor that has seeped into every corner of your house

Cleaning Soot Residue

Let us at first look at the steps involved in cleaning soot residue as mentioned by the IICRC, and then we will move onto the details of how smoke odor is removed.

Steps in Removal of Soot Residue

  • The first step consists of properly ventilating the house. To accomplish this task, powerful fans are utilized to draw dust and contaminated air out.
  • After the fans have done their job the restoration professionals start cleaning the rooms. This process involves starting with ceilings, then moving on to fixtures and walls, down to contents present in the room, and finally the floor.
  • The next steps involve vacuuming upholstery and floors and using alkaline cleaners to neutralize acidic soot. In addition, clothing and draperies are laundered, and fine clothing is dry-cleaned.
  • When dealing with exterior walls and eaves, the restoration technicians start cleaning by spraying detergents and then using a brush to agitate the soot. Pressure washing is then performed in a bottom to top sequence to thoroughly clean the surfaces.

Steps to Remove Smoke Odor

After the soot residue is cleaned away, the task of removing the lingering smoke odor is initiated. Restoration companies perform different activities to completely remove smoke odor from your home, including:

  • Removal of items that cannot be salvaged. Not only will they continue to produce the stench of smoke, they will also re-contaminate items which have been cleaned.
  • All items and surfaces are cleaned to completely remove any residue which can cause such odor.
  • Utilization of an odor counteractant and deodorizing fog to  remove and eliminate remaining smoke odors.

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