Smoke Sealing Installation in Kansas City


Whether you experience a fire in the office or someone burns something in the break room toaster, you will have to deal with smoke in your workplace. Smoke is gaseous and able to float through even the smallest cracks between doorways and through windows and vents. While it can act as a fire warning signal, it’s most often undesirable to have smoke seeping from one room to another. This is where ServiceMaster DSI can help; as part of our fire restoration services in Kansas City, we also provide smoke sealing paint during restoration and reconstruction.


Put in a nutshell, smoke sealing is a material that blocks smoke from seeping through cracks. Most smoke seals also act as sound blockers and, until the material reaches melting point, can seal a door from flames.


What is smoke sealing made out of?
Most smoke sealing is made with a metal or hard plastic strip that fits along the sides or bottom of a door with other acrylic or latex-based soft plastic strips on that. These soft strips sweep along the floor or suction to the walls when the door is closed.


Why should you install smoke sealing?
Other than it being vital for keeping smoke out, smoke sealing works great to better soundproof a room. If you want to lessen distractions in your office meeting rooms or make your own office more private, smoke sealing is the way to go, not to mention the extensive benefits of soundproofing a home.


Smoke sealing is also very helpful in blocking heat from escaping under doors during the winter and in keeping cold air in during the summer. Economically speaking, smoke sealing can be an excellent investment for keeping energy costs lower. It’s also a positive influence on the environmental impact your business may be having. Possibly the biggest benefit of smoke sealing after a fire is that it prevents any smoke odor from lingering in your building.


Why should you call us? We have extensive experience in installing smoke sealing. After you have suffered a fire, don’t just remove the damaged areas. Take care of the all the damage, including lingering smoke odors. Contact ServiceMaster DSI for total fire restoration, including smoke sealing, in Kansas City, Olathe, and Overland Park.

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