Tackling Smoke Odor and Soot Removal after a Fire in Your Kansas City, MO, Home

If your Kansas City, MO, home suffers any level of fire damage, it’s time to contact the fire damage mitigation professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. Hiring professionals ensures your home is quickly and effectively restored. Our experienced technicians also ensure that there is minimal secondary damage with smoke odor and soot removal.


Today, we’re going to look at how our professional technicians perform smoke odor and soot removal to completely restore your home!



Understanding the Complexities of Smoke Odor and Soot Removal

Smoke is the result of incomplete combustion and results in soot residue coating different surfaces. This leads to a variety of complications for fire damage mitigation technicians as the kind of soot produced depends on what type of materials was burned during the fire. Different types of soot require different restoration tactics. Using the wrong soot removal techniques can result in permanent damage to your home and your belongings.


Our technicians utilize their knowledge, experience, and skills to identify what burned during the fire and what type of soot was produced so they can effectively treat the damage.


Treating Persistent Smoke Odor

Oftentimes, homeowners complain about the presence of smoke odors after fire damage mitigation has been completed.


This is due to the size of smoke particles, which are close to .003 microns. All smoke particles continuously release smoke odors, which in turn linger as a constant reminder of the fire.


Due to their small size, these smoke particles seep into hard-to-reach locations such as inside walls, cabinets, and the backside of wood trim.


To treat smoke odors, we utilize professional equipment like thermal foggers and specialized cleaning products that can effectively treat smoke odors in otherwise inaccessible spaces.


Using the Right Cleanup Procedures

Different cleaning procedures are required for soot removal depending on the specific scenario. We utilize our training and experience to choose the correct procedures to effectively restore your home.


For example, procedures used for cleaning floors and walls are quite different than what is utilized for cleaning clothing.


It can be said that experience is an important factor in smoke odor and soot removal work, and the experts at ServiceMaster DSI have no dearth of experience.


Our professionals have access to necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure everything in your home is properly restored and that there are no lingering smoke odors to worry about. For immediate smoke odor and soot removal assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412 and our team will come to your home in Kansas City, MO, to quickly begin work.

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