Why You Shouldn’t Rely on DIY Carpet Cleaning After a Disaster in Leawood, KS

Floodwaters can contaminate your Leawood, KS, home and carpets, leaving you feeling helpless. However, saving your carpets is possible with help from the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. Our technicians are responsible for restoring homes and businesses after a variety of disaster scenarios, so you know you can trust us to restore your carpets.

However, you may be tempted to DIY your carpet cleaning instead of relying on the professionals. How complicated can carpet cleaning really be? Today, we’re going to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t attempt to clean your damaged carpets yourself.

Why Carpet Cleaning Isn’t a DIY Job

You may have cleaned your own carpets in the past, but when your carpets become damaged, it’s important to leave carpet cleaning to the professionals.

  • Rental steam cleaners don’t have the required power to completely rinse as well as extract cleaning solution or shampoo from your carpet. This means any contaminants brought in by floodwaters won’t be fully removed from your carpets, resulting in mildew, odors, and staining
  • Store bought cleaning solutions and spot cleaners only remove surface stains. Additionally, spot cleaners can leave behind residues that will attract dirt and result in more stains
  • Different contaminants and types of damage require different cleaning techniques and products. Improper carpet cleaning can actually result in permanent damage or necessitate replacement

Determining the Type of Fiber

To perform proper residential carpet cleaning, we first need to determine the type of fibers you have. Different types of carpets require different types of cleaners and cleaning techniques. The cleaning method for one carpet type may actually damage a different carpet type. This is why carpet cleaning professionals are trained to identify different types of carpet fibers, such as wool, olefin, nylon, or polyester, and how to clean them individually.

By determining the type of fiber our experts are able to:

  • Understand the kind of challenges they’ll face when removing stains and spots
  • Choose the most effective cleaning product that will be able to clean the soil. In addition, such products won’t alter the texture or damage the color or fibers in any way

For example, if it’s a nylon fiber carpet then it can be cleaned easily, but they also know that if the right chemical isn’t selected then it will hamper the stain resistance of the carpet.

Similarly, experts understand that olefin has good stain resistance, but it’s also hydrophobic and can result in a wicking problem. As such, technicians select a cleaning method that will not result in wicking.

Our technicians have the proper tools, training, and expertise to clean damaged carpets. Don’t risk further damage to your carpets by attempting DIY carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are available 24/7/365, so we can arrive at your Leawood, KS home quickly to begin work. For immediate help, contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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