The Importance of Judging the Porosity of Materials When Performing Sewer Backup Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

Sewage spills in your home or commercial establishment in Kansas City, MO, can easily damage anything they come in contact with. Such spills can also create unhygienic conditions, making sewer backup cleanup an urgent necessity. However, such cleanup should only be performed by an experienced water damage restoration firm (such as ServiceMaster DSI), as they have the necessary knowledge to select the appropriate cleaning method for the types of materials that have been damaged.

Professional technicians also have the required expertise to evaluate the porosity of these different materials. Experts will use this to judge whether the materials affected by the sewage backup must be discarded or whether they can be salvaged.

Categorization According to Porosity

To accomplish the cleanup task in the best possible manner, expert restoration and cleanup professionals will first divide all damaged items into categories based on their level of porosity.

Let’s take a look at the different porosity levels that cleanup professionals divide materials into.

Highly-Porous | Semi-Porous | Non-Porous

Highly-Porous Materials

If highly-porous materials such as upholstery, carpets, or rugs are of a high value, the technicians will take them to an off-site location to be restored in the best possible manner.

The professionals also understand that some things will be cheaper to replace (such as cardboard, carpet cushioning, and wicker), and will therefore discard them.

There will be certain high-value items that cannot be restored such as cloth upholstery and saturated mattresses, and the best thing to do will be to discard them.

Semi-Porous Materials

Sewer backup cleanup professionals have the required expertise to judge which items fall in the category of semi-porous materials: things like vinyl wall coverings, painted drywall, linoleum plaster wall, and hardboard furniture.

Technicians will utilize various procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of such items.

Non-Porous Materials

The benefit of using the services of a professional firm is that they have the required equipment to complete the cleanup task in the right manner. One such piece of equipment used by cleanup professionals is the moisture meter used to check for any contamination at the sub-surface level of non-porous materials.

Such analysis helps technicians understand whether the contamination has seeped into the surface or not. If no contamination is found under the surface, it will be possible to fully restore the affected materials.

If there has been a large sewage spill at your commercial establishment or home and you are searching for a competent sewer backup cleanup firm in Kansas City, MO, you should get in touch with ServiceMaster DSI.

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