ServiceMaster Recovery Management Network and the Role It Plays During Natural Disasters in Prairie Village, KS

Businesses in Prairie Village, KS, often have to bear the brunt of catastrophes such as fires, earthquakes, floods, and storms resulting in significant disruptions. When your business is facing disaster, you can rely on the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI as part of the national ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) group.


The experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the training, tools, and resources to perform large-scale disaster restoration and get your business back up and running quickly.


Let’s explore the advantages of working with the nationally reaching ServiceMaster Recovery Management team.

Manage Restoration Work of Any Scale


When disasters strike, you can’t tackle disaster restoration alone. Not only would it be ineffective, but also it would be dangerous. Instead, partner with the disaster restoration experts of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management group.


We have the expertise and equipment to tackle restoration work of any scale, regardless of your business’s size, needs, or level of damage. We have experience tackling everything from small fires to massive flooding.


Our ServiceMaster Recovery Management team belongs to a national network of disaster restoration specialists. Access to such large network means we can quickly restore your business, even if you have specialty equipment or electronics that need restoration.



Offering Disaster Restoration Help for Different Industries


Educational Institutions


Our technicians are trained to meet the needs of educational institutions when it comes to a variety of disaster scenarios. We also have the equipment to clean up classrooms, hallways, labs, libraries, administrative spaces, hallways, and more.



Government Facilities


The challenge with performing disaster restoration for government buildings is that these facilities store sensitive information. Our technicians undergo security clearance as well as background checks before restoring important documents or systems. We also are tasked with restoring important electronics that can be very difficult, depending on the level of damage. However, with our training and equipment, it’s possible to restore complex electronic systems.

Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare facilities need to continue running, especially in the case of a natural disaster.


To ensure this happens, experts working as part of the SRM network pay attention to cleanup of operating rooms, laboratories, and patient rooms as well as the overall sanitation of the healthcare facilities by adhering to strict regulatory requirements.


The national ServiceMaster Recovery Management network has assisted in a variety of national disasters, restoring homes and business, and helping communities to recover. We are proud to be part of this network and serving you on a national level.


Our technicians have the experience, training, and equipment to quickly restore your Prairie Village, KS, business so you can get up and running again. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.


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