The Steps Followed by ServiceMaster DSI for Soot and Smoke Odor Removal From Homes in Kansas City, MO

A fire can really challenge your mental and physical capabilities, since apart from the damage caused by the flames, secondary damage can also result from smoke and water, making the restoration of your house even harder. In such a situation, you’ll need to hire a competent fire damage restoration firm for your home or business in Kansas City, MO, so that the cleaning and restoration of your home can be managed properly.

Today we will look at why you should appoint a firm to take up this task instead of doing it yourself. We will also go through some of the cleanup steps performed by restoration professionals.


Why Hire a Fire Damage Repair Firm?

Performing fire damage cleanup is generally a complex task since many different things burn during a fire and result in different types of residues (such as natural, protein, or synthetic substance residues).

The type of cleaning that is necessary primarily depends upon the nature of the residue. It takes professional competency to understand the various residues left after a fire so that the right type of cleaning can be used to remove such residues.

If you decide to clean by yourself after a fire, it can prove counterproductive because you will likely not have the necessary knowledge, and as such you will not be able to utilize the right cleaning techniques to completely remove any residue.


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The Procedure for Fire Damage Remediation and Smoke Odor Removal

Pans and Flatware

Flatware, pans, and pots are to be washed using soapy water, rinsed thoroughly, and finally polished using a fine powdered cleaner.

If there are brass and copper items, they can be polished using a cloth soaked in vinegar and sprinkled with salt.


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Locks and Hinges

If any iron locks are damaged, they should be taken apart and wiped with oil.

If it’s not possible to remove the locks, machine oil should be added from the keyhole or bolt opening. After that the knob should be worked to properly distribute the oil inside the lock. Similarly, hinges should be properly cleaned and oiled.


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Clothes, Washable Furniture, and Kitchen Surfaces

For smoke odor mitigation, clothes should be washed in cold water using a laundry detergent and one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract.

This solution is also effective in removing smoke odors from washable furniture and kitchen surfaces.

If your house in Kansas City, MO, has been engulfed by a fire, you should get in touch with ServiceMaster DSI at (800) 954-9444 for professional fire damage restoration.


Our technicians are aware of the methods to be utilized for fire damage repair and have the required equipment to perform such cleanup work. All you need to do is contact us and we will send a team immediately to assess and treat the damage and start fire damage cleanup work.

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