ServiceMaster DSI Performs Water Damage Restoration at Olathe Library Due to Water Line Break

Last Thursday morning, Olathe library patrons were surprised to find that their favorite reading spot was completely waterlogged.

A water main break caused overnight flooding and filled the Indian Creek branch of the library at 12009 S. Black Bob Road with about seven inches of water. Investigators found that the broken 6-inch pipe supported fire systems underneath the Olathe public library.

The library has been closed and a crew from ServiceMaster DSI has started water damage restoration work. Library officials estimate that it may take about a month to fully restore everything and to re-open the library. However, officials are doing their best to complete recovery work quickly so that the library can be opened earlier than that.

The first step in ServiceMaster DSI’s restoration work process involved quickly extracting all of the water from the building. Mold growth would become an issue if the water was allowed to stagnate for more than 24 hours.

Following the extraction of the water, ServiceMaster DSI moved water-damaged books out to be properly cleaned and dried.

During the restoration process, they also paid attention to thoroughly cleaning mud, muck, and standing water, as well as completely drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and sanitizing the environment.

ServiceMaster DSI has performed restoration work at a very fast pace, but until the library is re-opened, patrons requiring library facilities have been requested to visit the downtown location situated at 201 E. Park Road.

Visitors can also return library materials at different drop off locations within the city and at goLibrary, located inside Olathe Community Center.

You can read more about the flooding of the Olathe library here.

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