Stop Secondary Fire Damage With Smoke and Soot Cleanup in Parkville, MO

You may think that flames cause the most damage in a fire. However, even after the fire has been extinguished, secondary fire damage occurs due to smoke and soot. The longer smoke and soot is left untreated, the more harm it causes. If your Parkville, MO, home has experienced a fire, contact the fire damage mitigation experts at ServiceMaster DSI. We will treat not only the initial damage caused by the flames, but also the secondary damage caused by smoke and soot.

Soot Residues

Soot is a by-product of objects burning in a fire. The type of residue depends on the materials burned, such as inorganic or organic material. Different types of soot require different cleaning techniques. Using an improper technique can result in permanent damage.

The fire damage mitigation experts at ServiceMaster DSI can determine what type of soot was produced and the best cleaning technique to use.

For example, protein soot is released when organic material burns during a fire. This can result in a pungent odor along with residue that discolors paints, varnishes, and clings to items in your home. Our professionals are able to recognize this type of soot residue and use the proper cleaning products and techniques to remove it.

Moisture Levels Affect Smoke and Soot Deposition

The moisture levels in your home and how the fire burns will determine whether dry or wet smoke is produced. This will affect the type of soot residue produced.

Let’s look at the characteristics of wet and dry smoke our restoration experts recognize.

  • Dry Smoke: If it is a fast-burning fire that’s accompanied by high temperatures then it will result in the production of dry smoke.
  • Wet Smoke: A low-heat, smoldering fire will produce a strong odor and sticky soot residues.

Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor is notoriously relentless. If left untreated, your home could smell of smoke for years. Our experts utilize advanced equipment to thoroughly remove smoke odors from your home quickly.

For example, we use ozone generators to destroy smoke odor molecules that seep into otherwise unreachable areas of your home, such as behind walls or in the floorboards.

The expertise of our fire damage mitigation professionals is invaluable for restoring your Parkville, MO, home after a fire. We also have the commercial grade equipment and cleaning products required to restore your home to its pre-loss condition with smoke & soot cleanup. If your home has suffered fire damage, please contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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