A Closer Look into How Experts in Kansas City, MO Manage the Psychological Aspects of Hoarder House Cleanup

It’s a fact that between two to five percent of the population suffers from the problem of hoarding. If someone in your family is suffering from this problem in the Kansas City, MO, area, call ServiceMaster DSI to professionally conduct hoarder house cleanup so the risks that arise due to hoarding, such as social isolation and creation of unhealthy living conditions, can be mitigated.

Let’s go through some of the details of steps cleanup experts take to gain a hoarder’s confidence and carry out the work in the correct manner.


Value of Professional Expertise in Hoarding Cleanup Work

Hoarder house cleanup experts understand that hoarders go through a lot of distress when they’re told to get rid of things they possess. Technicians also know that if they try to forcefully cleanup the house, it can backfire and exacerbate the problem.


Build Trust

The first thing hoarding cleanup technicians try to do is build trust. They are fully aware of the fact that if they want to succeed in their endeavor and cleanup the hoarder’s house, they will have to gain the individual’s trust.


They understand that they will quickly lose trust if they march into the house holding a trash can and get to it.


Take Small Steps

When cleaning up a hoarder’s house, experts utilize their experience and start the cleanup process by taking smaller steps. For instance, they start cleanup from one room and spend some time to analyze all the things present in that room.

In other situations, they examine all the rooms and sections in the home to figure out the similarities that are present in each room. For example, if every room is filled with books, the hoarder house cleanup experts help the hoarder decide about the books that are to be kept or thrown away.


Involve the Hoarder

Hoarder cleanup technicians also involve the hoarder so the hoarder’s possessions can be categorized in the right manner. Experts also create a “may keep” category with the aim of helping the hoarder come to an agreement about letting go of certain items.


Utilize Different Strategies

Hoarder house cleanup experts utilize different strategies so that the hoarder agrees to the cleanup being performed at his or her home. For example, hoarding cleanup experts may suggest that the hoarder host a social gathering or party after the cleanup is finished to encourage the hoarder to cooperate more during cleanup.

As you can see, hoarder house cleanup is a complex task requiring professional expertise. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI have vast experience in performing such cleanup, and we understand the psychological nature of the work.


If you need hoarding cleanup assistance and services in Kansas City, MO, give us a call at (816) 527-9412. Our team will analyze the situation and develop a practical plan of action to clean up and restore a hoarding house.

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