Protect Your Home’s Wood Features with Water Removal Services in Overland Park, KS


Water is one of the most common substances present in a home or business at all times. While water might be everywhere, there are places in a building it should be kept away from at all costs. Building materials or any objects constructed of wood can deteriorate from exposure to water. Specifically, hardwood floors and wooden furniture can suffer extensively from being exposed to water. At ServiceMaster DSI we can provide water removal services in Overland Park, KS to keep your wood safe.


While water exposure is detrimental at any level, different amounts of water can cause different problems to your wood floors and furniture. Small spills from cups of water, cleaning buckets, or otherwise are the least detrimental to your hardwood floors. However, if not cleaned up quickly, the area can swell and the water can cause “cupping” of the wood panels.


On wooden furniture, especially tables, small spills can leave stains and rough areas on the finished surface. If the spot is cleaned immediately, no damage should occur. Remember, there is a reason coasters exist.


Humidity can actually be pretty dangerous for hardwood floors. Even though it feels like a small amount of water in the air, the molecules fill the atmosphere and can soak into every pore of the wood. Prolonged humidity can lead to warping, cupping, swelling, and even rotting.


For wooden furniture, humidity can also attack from all angles. Often, high humidity can cause glued joints in furniture to weaken and separate, or cause bubbling of the finished surfaces. It can also create environments ripe for mold growth on the surface of and inside of wooden objects. If you suspect you have high humidity in your home, you can call us for complete dehumidification and water removal services.


Flooding or a heavy water presence is the most damaging to wood floors, furniture, and of course, the rest of your home or business building. Extreme water damage can render wood floors and furniture unsalvageable due to heavy saturation of the wood, bacteria in the flooded water, and rotting.


Our water damage restoration services have a high rate of success with removing water and restoring any damage that occurs to your wood floors or furniture. Call us at ServiceMaster DSI for water removal services in Overland Park, KS.


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