A Look into Various Steps Taken by Fire Damage Cleanup Experts to Perform Restoration Work Properly at Olathe, KS, Homes

A fire will result in a lot of damage to your home in Olathe, KS, making it necessary to hire professionals to carry out fire damage cleanup. Cleanup experts will expedite the restoration process so that your belongings can be saved from further damage caused by smoke residue.

Here are some various steps that experts take while performing fire damage cleanup at your home.


Secure the Property

After a fire, fire damage mitigation professionals take the necessary steps to secure the property. They also create a list of items that will be required to provide emergency board up at the home.


Explain Procedural Details to Homeowner

Fire damage cleanup experts understand that it’s more than likely that you are experiencing a fire incidence at your home for the first time. As such, you aren’t aware of the process that cleanup experts follow while performing fire damage mitigation.

Thus, fire damage repair professionals provide you reference materials so that you can understand how cleanup will be performed.


Deciding about Items to be Cleaned or Discarded


Fire damage restoration experts know that almost 8 percent of the time, they don’t have to remove the drywall. However, if smoke residue gets behind the drywall and reaches the wall cavities, then fire damage cleanup technicians will have no option but to discard it.


Tile Counters

It’s possible to clean the tile counters, but experts may replace the grout if cleaning it does not give desired results. Trained fire damage remediation experts avoid techniques such as chipping out the grout’s top layer to re-grout the counters since this technique can cause tile chipping as well.


Solid Counters

Cleaning solid counters is easy, but if smoke has seeped inside the counters, then experts will seal the under layer. Smoke damage restoration professionals take immediate cleanup steps since they understand that if smoke remains for a long duration, then it will result in permanent discoloration.



If there is light smoke damage (such as when carpets on the first floor are affected by a fire on the second floor), then it’s easy to clean those carpets. But if there’s heavy or moderate fire damage, then fire damage cleanup technicians will likely recommend the replacement of those carpets.


Laminate Floors

These floors contain absorbent foam as a layer underneath the floor. As such, if smoke seeps under the floor, then experts will remove the laminate flooring so that the foam underneath can be removed and replaced.


Engineered Floors

If there are engineered floors, then the technicians will sand and refinish the floors to clean smoke damage.


As you can see, by hiring a professional firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, you’ll have the assurance that necessary fire damage cleanup measures will be taken to restore your home in Olathe, KS, to how it was before the fire.


Just contact ServiceMaster DSI at (816) 527-9412, and our professionals will get the job done right.

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