The Importance of Setting Up a Proper Containment Zone During Mold Remediation in Leawood, KS Homes

If you notice mold growing in your Leawood, KS, home, contact a professional firm for proper mold remediation. By hiring experts you’ll have the assurance that all necessary steps will be taken to eradicate the mold from your home. In the following sections we’ll look at how technicians set up a proper containment zone during mold cleanup.


Steps to be Taken for Setting Up a Containment Zone

Mold removal work will be successful when a proper containment zone is created before any remediation work is performed. Experts keep note of various factors while creating a containment zone to ensure the mold remediation is conducted correctly.


Importance of Controlling Airflow

Mold remediation experts focus on controlling the airflow during remediation work. They utilize fans that create the right pressure differential, so it becomes possible to overcome air currents present in the location.


They also ensure that the pressure differential is not too strong in order to prevent eddy currents that flow in the opposite direction.


Necessity of Sealing Leaks

The airflow required in the containment zone is decided by the leakage that is present. As such, experts focus on building a containment zone that has the least number of leaks.


This way they’re able to maintain a specific level of pressure differential by using a small fan. Mold removal technicians understand that if there are many leaks, they’ll have to utilize a greater number of fans to achieve the desired results.


Mold cleanup experts also develop inward airflow at transit locations to prevent mold spores from escaping the containment zone. Technicians know that if there are several holes, more fan power will become necessary to create proper inward airflow.


Check the Air Getting into the Containment Zone

Mold remediation professionals make sure that the air circulating into the containment zone isn’t carrying fungal particulate matter. If it is, the mold removal task will lose its effectiveness due to the continual influx of fungal matter from outside.


Additionally, if the outside area consists of demolition or construction debris, it will be difficult to maintain clean surfaces inside the containment zone and the work will fail during a visual inspection, even when fungal particulates have been removed. To avoid this type of problem, experts utilize HEPA filters at exit and entry points.


By hiring ServiceMaster DSI experts for mold remediation work you can be assured that the mold problem will be completely eradicated from your home. ServiceMaster DSI is a company with professional expertise in mold removal work, and we utilize our experience and training to get the job done right. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll send our team to conduct an inspection and perform thorough and effective mold cleanup in your Leawood, KS home.


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