Is it Really Necessary to Hire Professionals for Fire Damage Remediation in Kansas City, MO?

A fire can cause significant damage to your Kansas City, MO, home, and it may not be possible to return to your home without performing complete fire damage remediation. You can either try and perform restoration yourself or hire a professional firm like ServiceMaster DSI for this task.

Why wouldn’t you want to try and save some money and restore your home yourself? Today, we’ll look at the important roles that a professional’s training and experience play in effective fire damage cleanup.

Use Appropriate Procedures

One of the main reasons you should hire a firm for fire damage mitigation instead of doing it yourself is that experienced professionals are trained in the right procedures for treating different types of damage. This helps them avoid costly mistakes or causing the type of damage that can happen when you’re doing restoration work yourself.

A few examples include:

Restoration of Leather Goods: Water used to extinguish the fire may soak through leather items. If performing restoration work yourself, you may try to quickly dry out leather goods by putting them directly under the sun.

However, this is a costly mistake. Professionals understand that direct exposure to sunlight will damage leather goods. Instead, they will use the proper technique to expedite the drying process without causing additional damage.

Drying Books and Documents: Again, water used to extinguish the fire will completely soak books and documents in your home. You’ll want to dry them out as quickly as possible. But actions taken in haste will prove to be detrimental since after the documents dry, you will find that the pages have crinkled.

Due to the vast experience they have, fire damage remediation professionals know about these problems and as such take necessary steps to pile as well as press all the books and documents so that crinkling can be avoided.

Cleaning Textile Materials: While performing fire damage cleanup yourself, your focus will be on cleaning textile materials to get rid of the residues and odors present in textile materials.

A professional company won’t clean your textile materials first. Instead, an expert will usually carry out deodorization before cleanup to make sure smoke odors are completely removed from the textile material.

The problem with your procedure is that just cleaning materials will not solve the problem of smoke odors, and you will find that smoke odors are present even after textile materials have been cleaned. But technicians are aware of this problem and would perform deodorization first and then perform cleaning.

To conclude, we’d say that experience matters a lot when it comes to fire damage remediation work, and by appointing experts, you’ll be able to ensure that work will be carried out in the right manner.

ServiceMaster DSI is one such company in Kansas City, MO, that you can rely on for this work due to the experience that our technicians have with these tasks. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll send our team of experts to examine the condition at your home and immediately begin restoration.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know that a professional, commercial fire damage service will know the best way to take care of leather items to make sure they don’t receive any more damage. The company I work for recently had a small blaze in our conference room, so my boss is wondering if he should hire a service to help with restoration. Since there is a leather couch in there, I will be sure to tell my boss that he should definitely use a commercial fire damage company so that we can be sure our couch will be okay.

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