An Insight into Reasons Why Professional Expertise Is Considered a Valuable Asset in Fire Damage Restoration Work in Leawood, KS, Homes

After a fire, the first thing you need to do is hire experienced restoration professionals such as ServiceMaster DSI so that further damage to your home in Leawood, KS, from soot and smoke residues can be prevented. In the following, we explore why it’s important to hire an experienced and professional company for this task.


Why is it important to hire experts for fire damage restoration work?

Fire damage restoration experts have the required experience to understand whether parts of your home can be restored, or are completely damaged and need to be discarded. Let’s look into the details here.

  • Framing: Fire damage remediation experts consider framing to be total loss if they find that it has charred one quarter of an inch.
  • Engineered/real wood floors: Technicians know that they will be able to sand and refinish such floors to clean up the smoke damage.
  • Insulation: Fire damage mitigation professionals know that if smoke has seeped into insulation, then they will have no option but to discard it.


Correct Steps for Desired Results

Fire damage cleanup experts take the correct steps to ensure that fire contamination is completely removed from your home. A few of the tasks they perform in this respect include:

  • Correct Ventilation: The first action fire damage restoration experts take is to air out the building through the use of positive ventilation. However, they keep note of outside weather conditions before implementing such ventilation.

For instance, they know that if outside conditions are humid, then excess humidity can easily combine with smoke and expedite the creation of acid residues.

  • HAZMAT Abatement: If fire has engulfed an older home and it’s necessary to demolish structural components that have been damaged in the fire, then fire damage repair professionals take extra precautions.

Experts understand that such homes can have hazardous material (HAZMAT) like asbestos or lead. As such, they take extra precautions in the form of proper air management and containment to counteract the risks that these materials pose.

In addition, fire damage restoration technicians implement required wetting at the time demolition is performed and follow it up with HEPA vacuuming to stop contamination from spreading.


Use of Sealers

Fire damage remediation technicians utilize their knowledge to deploy different types of sealers for controlling smoke odors and stains. Such sealers include:

  • Shellac Sealers: Commonly used for odor control and stain blocking, shellac sealers are capable of curing at 10°F or lower temperatures.
  • Water-Based Sealers: Water-based sealers can block smoke odors, and at the same time, provide permeability for transference of water vapor. They are the preferred choice when there is spray foam insulation present in a home since these sealers do not adversely affect the foam.


These details clearly explain the fact that experience is a valuable asset when fire damage restoration work is performed. Experts at ServiceMaster DSI are professionally trained, experienced, and certified in such tasks and can get your home in Leawood, KS, back to normal as early as possible. Call us today at (913) 262-1384.

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