Prevent Burst Pipes by Winterizing Your Home in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides some winter preparation tips for Kansas City homeowners who want to avoid water damage this upcoming season.

When water freezes, it expands. If the water running through your plumbing expands it will likely lead to burst pipes and a huge hassle. If your pipes aren’t fixed immediately, it can cause severe water damage and even more problems for your home. While ServiceMaster DSI can help you with any kind of water damage restoration in Kansas City, MO, an easy preemptive solution is winterize your home or office to prepare your pipes for the coldest months of the year.


The easiest way to winterize your home is to make sure that your pipes remain above a freezing temperature, even while you and your family are away.


Make sure your pipes are well-insulated, especially in areas where cold air could potentially blow on your pipes. Closing crawl spaces and covering the openings to vents with insulation will keep your plumbing warm enough to prevent burst pipes.


Keep your garage door closed as often as possible. Because your garage isn’t as well-insulated as your house, rooms next to your garage—especially bathrooms or laundry rooms—can be more exposed to cold air and more likely to burst pipes.


Keep your building’s temperature at least above 55 degrees, even if you are not at home. Make sure your home is also equally heated throughout. Rooms without vents or with a larger number of windows may need space heaters or to have the doors open at all times.


Disconnect garden hoses and sprinkler systems from the pipes and drain and store them in a dry, sheltered place. Make sure you also disconnect your main waterline before any problems arise. Before freezing temperatures hit, let the pipelines running outside of your house run until all of the water is drained out. Burst pipes outside the house are much more likely to happen than we often realize.


If you do have the unfortunate experience of pipes freezing, call us at ServiceMaster DSI for water damage restoration in Kansas City, MO from burst pipes or other sources.

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