Property Owners: Prepare for Severe Weather and Property Damage This Week in Kansas City


Spring has finally sprung and this week, it appears that storm season will begin too. Starting Tuesday and lasting into the rest of the week, scattered thunderstorms are predicted in the Kansas City Metropolitan area with a potential threat of tornadoes, flash flooding, damaging winds, large hail, downed trees/power lines, and possible major damage to homes and businesses.
Before this severe weather arrives, ServiceMaster DSI urges property owners to take a minute to protect your property from storm damage that could be caused by these storms with the tips below.

Call Insurance Agent: Make sure your property has the right coverage for flood and tornado damage if a loss occurs at your property.
• Know Where your Water and Electrical Shut Offs are: Turning these off could cause less damage and prevent you from electrocution.
• Test Your Sump Pump (if applicable): Making sure your sump pump works before the rains start could be the difference of having a water loss or no water loss at your property.
• Clear Loose Tree Branches or Trees Hanging over Property: With high winds, branches can fall on your property causing major damage. If this happens, rain and water could also enter into your property causing a major property loss. Clearing all loose and overhanging trees around your property to prevent experiencing a water loss.
• Clean Gutters and Downspouts: During the storm, water has to go somewhere. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, water may go into your home or business. Clean all gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage in your home from these storms.
• Create a Tornado Plan: Make sure you have a saferoom and meeting place picked out.
• Monitor Storm Closely: Download a local weather or tornado app. If tornadoes start to form during this storm, be sure to put your tornado plan into place.
• Create a Tornado Safety Kit: If a tornado occurs, electricity could be out for numerous days. Having a safety kit at your property could help keep your property from further damage. Kit should include: battery operated flashlight, first aid kits, tools to turn off water supplies and remove debris, water, battery operated radio, etc.

Sometimes even when you take all of the preventative steps, your property can still be damaged by storms. If this happens and you are in need of water mitigation, call ServiceMaster DSI. ServiceMaster DSI has the manpower and the required resources to quickly and efficiently restore your damaged building from water damage. ServiceMaster DSI in Kansas City is available 24/7/365. Contact us today at 816-527-9412 or click here to request service right away.

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