Challenges Professionals in Parkville, MO Have to Face During Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup is quite different from other types of cleaning such as water damage or fire damage cleanup because technicians have to look into different aspects to in order to carry out hoarding cleanup in the right manner. This is why it’s necessary to appoint experienced professionals, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Parkville, MO, for this task because they have the required technical knowledge and can perform this task compassionately.

Let us look at the challenges professionals may face during hoarding cleanup.

Forced Cleaning Can Result in Trauma for the Hoarder

A Plan of Action for Performing Cleanup

Technicians try to find answers to the following questions so that a plan of action can be created to properly manage the task of cleaning up a hoarder’s house. These questions include:

  • Does the house lack proper accessibility because of clutter?
  • Are there items that have very little value?
  • Is there a lot of recyclables or waste present in the house?
  • Do carpets, walls, furniture, bathrooms, and floors look dirty?
  • Is the kitchen clean and safe enough to prepare food?
  • Are odors emitting from different rooms in the house?
  • Does the house have a vermin infestation?
  • Are sleeping areas unhygienic?
  • Are utilities not working properly?
  • Does the condition of the house pose a significant fire risk?
  • Is the house structurally unsound?

Selection of Techniques According to the Situation

Hoarding cleanup professionals have to face a variety of issues while carrying out a clean up. They must utilize their expertise to select the right method according to the unique situation.

Infestation of Insects and Animals

Experts have the knowledge and experience to select the right cleaning method for infestations. For example, if an infestation of insects and animals is found during a hoarder house cleanup technicians will use only non-toxic cleaners. Non-toxic are used because cleaners such as ammonia and bleach can result in the release of toxic gases if they come in contact with insect or vermin feces.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a very complex situation that requires professionals to consider a variety of factors before they begin cleaning. Including:

  • Improving Air Quality: Due to presence of animals, there will be poor air quality within the house due to high levels of carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, particulate matter, and allergens
  • Mold Removal: There will be moisture present within the house because of a large number of animals present. Such high moisture conditions will facilitate mold growth within the house

From the details above it’s quite clear that hoarding cleanup is a complex task that requires the expertise of hoarding professionals.

Technicians at ServiceMaster DSI have the required training, certification, experience, and equipment to carry out this task in properly.

All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our experts will come out to your home in Parkville, MO, right away to develop a plan to carry out cleanup without causing distress to the hoarder.

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