An Overview of Role Played by Moisture Monitoring Equipment in Analysis of Moisture Levels and Mold Removal in Olathe, KS

The primary reason for mold growth is high moisture levels in your home. Moisture levels tend to increase due to flooding of your home during torrential rains, thunderstorms, or even a burst pipe. If you notice mold growing in your Olathe, KS, home, then you should contact a mold remediation firm to take up the task of mold removal so that health risks and damage to property can be avoided.

We will look into different types of moisture level measuring equipment used by mold remediation professionals during mold cleanup process, and the benefits of using such devices.

Why do professionals need moisture monitoring equipment?

Mold growth is facilitated by presence of excessive moisture in your home.

Thus, the first step in mold remediation consists of identifying moisture levels in the home so that underlying water problems can be traced and fixed during mold removal.

High Moisture Level + Organic Nutrient Source + Right Temperature = Mold Growth

Examining moisture levels also helps professionals determine whether different materials (such as wallboard) have dried properly to prevent further mold growth.

What are the different types of moisture measuring equipment used by professionals?

Mold remediation professionals make use of different equipment to measure moisture levels in your home. Here are a few types of equipment that are used.

Moisture Meters: It’s important to use a moisture meter when:

  • A stain appears over wallboard, it’s necessary to determine whether the stain simply needs to be cleaned or, if the moisture meter readings are high, moisture reduction is needed. This will help prevent further mold growth on the wallboard.
  • It is difficult to tell whether wallboard has dried completely. In this situation, the moisture meter can be used for comparing the problem area with dry areas to determine whether the moisture is at troubling levels.

Infrared Cameras: These cameras are used to detect surface temperature. It creates a thermal image of surfaces and can quickly detect parts of your home affected by moisture.

For example, the infrared camera can be used to examine drywall against the surrounding services to determine thermal disparities due to moisture.

Borescope: Mold remediation professionals make use of borescope in situations where it becomes necessary to:
  • Probe behind walls to check for possible pockets of mold or water
  • Inspect behind motors as well as compressors of your home’s HVAC system, and inside ducts

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