An Overview of the Right Procedure for Trauma Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS and the Disposal of Waste by Professional Firms

If you have faced a traumatic incident in your home, it will be important to hire a professional agency to provide trauma cleanup in Prairie Village, KS. By hiring a professional agency, you can be sure that the task of cleaning up your property will be performed according to statutory guidelines and your family will not have to face any risk of infection due to blood borne pathogens.

In the following sections, we will look at the proper procedures for trauma cleanup and the disposal of wastes.

Correct Cleanup Procedure

In any cleanup task involving a trauma scene, the following procedures should be followed to make sure that everything is done to meet set standards.

  • Access to the location should be restricted until the cleanup work is complete.
  • Cleanup professionals should wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing trauma cleanup.
  • If sharp objects (like glass) have been contaminated by bodily fluids or blood, they should be kept inside a sharps container. This container needs to be sealable and puncture resistant, to be disposed of in the form of medical waste.
  • All hard surfaces should be cleaned with the help of water and soap, with a bleach solution (consisting of one-third chlorinebased bleach mixed into one gallon of water), or with a disinfectant that is registered by the EPA.
  • Items used for making food and personal items are to be cleaned using water, a bleach solution, and soap. If it’s not possible to clean them, such items should be discarded.
  • Similarly, reusable rags and mops are to be cleaned with the help of a household bleach solution, water, and soap. If these items cannot be cleaned properly, it’s better to dispose of them.

Disposal of Waste

Cleanup professionals need to take special precautions to make sure that any waste from the cleanup of a traumatic event is handled in the proper manner.

  • Sharp objects need to be put into a sharps container and properly sealed using heavy duty tape. The container should be clearly marked as home sharps using a permanent marker.
Cleanup professionals also need to ensure that loose sharps are not put directly into the trash. The sharps container should not be placed into the recycling bin.
  • Other waste should be put into garbage bags, to be disposed of in the form of ordinary trash.

Traumatic events can be quite nerve-racking and in your main goal should be to provide emotional support to your family and let the professionals take care of the cleanup task. Since traumatic events involve blood and bodily fluids, you should hire a professional such as ServiceMaster DSI for trauma cleanup in Prairie Village, KS.

Our experienced professionals can ensure that cleanup is performed according to laws and that your home is completely cleaned and disinfected as quickly as possible.

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