An Overview of Challenges in Finding Hidden Mold and Mold Remediation in Olathe, KS, Homes

Mold growing in your home can be a serious problem. It can cause a musty odor, create health problems, and damage the structure of your home and the belongings within. If you’re concerned your home may have a mold problem, you should contact a mold remediation firm to inspect for mold. If mold is found, mold removal, as well as water damage remediation should be conducted immediately.

Our aim here will be to look into: 

Ways of locating hidden mold growth

Some of the aspects to be considered while searching for mold

How to determine if it’s mold or something else

Locating Hidden Mold Growth

Mold: Appearance – Slimy | Furry | Powdery, Smell – Earthy | Stale | Musty

  • Mold growth is often not clearly visible as it can thrive in dark and hidden places like:
  • Backside of drywall
  • Behind paneling and wallpaper
  • Carpet backing and padding
  • Inside utility tunnels (sections within walls where water pipes are installed) as well as pipe chases
  • Damp locations in crawlspaces and behind walls
  • On roofing materials above ceiling tiles
  • On acoustic liners inside ventilation ducts

It can be difficult to trace hidden mold, which is why it’s best to rely on professional mold remediation firms to carry out this work.

Professionals have the required equipment such as moisture meters, humidity gauges, and borescopes to properly investigate the likelihood of mold growth in certain locations within your home.

Mold Can Have Different Colors

What to look for while locating the mold problem

Some of the factors to be considered while checking for mold growth include:

Analysis of musty or moldy odors, which would indicate a probable mold problem

Examination to determine whether the soluble and white fibrous material present in crawl spaces is mold or alkaline salts

Investigation of the ventilation system to check for moisture problems resulting from poor roof drainage, pan drainage with poor condensate, or high levels of relative humidity within ventilation ducts

Is it really mold?

Just because it looks like mold doesn’t mean it’s actually mold! Some instances where something else may look like mold:

Paint on the backside of wood or drywall has a similar appearance to mold

Alkaline crystals on concrete walls or soil may also appear to be mold

Certain types of carpet stains can resemble mold

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