Is it Necessary to Hire a Fire Damage Restoration Firm in Olathe, KS? What Are the Steps Performed by Professionals to Clean Up Textile Items After a Fire?

Fire can cause serious damage to your home and destroy most of what it comes into contact with. Your first priority after the fire is extinguished should be to start restoration work. However, you should avoid doing this work yourself; instead, hand the task over to a professional fire damage restoration firm in Olathe, KS.

In the following sections, we will look at why it’s necessary to hire a firm for this task instead of doing it yourself. We will also look at some of the steps that restoration professionals follow to clean up textile items.


Why is it necessary to hire a fire damage repair firm after a fire?

Every fire is different and the guidelines that work for cleaning soot and smoke odor after one fire may not work after another.

For example, when wood burns, the smoke odor it produces will react quite differently to certain cleaning products than will smoke odors produced by burning plastic.

As such, it’s quite difficult for a homeowner to work on odor removal and soot cleanup without professional help. Moreover, without knowledge of the right procedures, attempting to clean up after a fire can actually result in additional damage.

In the following section, we will look at the procedure followed by professional fire damage cleanup firms to remove soot and smoke odor from household textile items.


Cleanup of Textile Items After a Fire

After a fire, you should avoid touching or attempting to clean up upholstered furniture, carpets, draperies, and other textile items on your own before fire damage remediation professionals arrive.

The reason is that improper cleaning can actually smear the soot deeper into the fabric and make cleaning even more difficult.

  • Step #1 – Removal of Soot: Soot is generally oily and it can easily stain your household textile items.

As such, the first step that fire damage remediation experts will take will be to perform soot removal before other steps such as odor removal and textile cleaning are carried out.

To accomplish this task, professionals will utilize a heavy-duty vacuum to get rid of the soot.

  • Step #2 – Removal of Smoke Odor: Proper deodorization is achieved when steps can be taken to break smoke molecules.

To achieve this goal, fire damage restoration professionals use a procedure known as ozone treatment, in which an oxidizing agent destroys the odor-producing smoke molecules.

This process is carried out before textile items are cleaned, as otherwise the odors would set into the fabric. Deodorizing sprays are avoided for odor mitigation because they just mask the odor and provide temporary relief.

Additionally, it is possible that the smoke odor and deodorizing sprays could interact and result in additional odors.


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