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Tackling Smoke Odor and Soot Removal after a Fire in Your Kansas City, MO, Home

If your Kansas City, MO, home suffers any level of fire damage, it’s time to contact the fire damage mitigation professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. Hiring professionals ensures your home is quickly and effectively restored. Our experienced technicians also ensure that there is minimal secondary damage with smoke odor and soot removal.   Today, we’re going […]

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Performing Effective Smoke Odor Removal with Ozone Treatment in Parkville, MO

Even small fires can result in a lot of smoke and smoke odors, which if left untreated, can persist through your Parkville, MO, home for years. If your home has been affected by a fire, big or small, it’s time to contact the smoke odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. We restore homes after fire […]

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ServiceMaster Recovery Management Network and the Role It Plays During Natural Disasters in Prairie Village, KS

Businesses in Prairie Village, KS, often have to bear the brunt of catastrophes such as fires, earthquakes, floods, and storms resulting in significant disruptions. When your business is facing disaster, you can rely on the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI as part of the national ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) group.   The experts at […]

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Treating Different Surfaces in Trauma Scene Cleanup in Olathe, KS Homes

Traumatic events can lead to the spread of diseases and bacteria and pose a threat to others. If you’ve experienced an accident, unattended death, or other trauma on your Olathe, KS, property, contact the trauma scene cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. We’ll ensure the affected area is properly cleaned to prevent the spread of contaminants. […]

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Cleaning Up a Hoarder House in Leawood, KS

A common misconception about cleaning up a hoarder house is that there’s not much difference between regular cleaning and hoarder cleanup. However, the two are vastly different. Cleaning up a hoarder house takes manual labor, expertise, and access to the proper equipment. The hoarding cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI have all of this to help […]

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Hiring Experts for Carpet Cleaning in Parkville, MO is Always Wise

It’s inevitable that carpets will get dirty and require proper carpet cleaning. By hiring an experienced firm in Parkville, MO, such as ServiceMaster DSI, you’ll ensure the cleaning is effective and thorough. Let’s look at some instances where experience becomes quite valuable for proper carpet cleaning. Carpet Cleaning and the Value of Experience #1: Understand […]

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How Hoarding Cleanup Experts Make Your Parkville, MO Safe Again

Hoarding is a serious concern, resulting in issues including biohazards, fire hazards, and structural damage. If you or a loved one is struggling with hoarding then getting in touch with the hoarding cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO can help restore the home to safe living conditions. Here, we’ll take a look at […]

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Using Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park, KS

Storms and floods can result in significant water damage to your Overland Park, KS home. If your home suffers water damage, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. We utilize the latest equipment to expedite restoration and to effectively restore your home. Today, we’re going to look at some of the equipment we use! Desiccant Dehumidifiers […]

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