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The Restoration Difference: Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City, MO

ServiceMaster DSI offers all-inclusive restoration services in Kansas City, from removal to repair to reconstruction. There are a lot of companies that claim to do what we do. For commercial buildings, there is no better choice than to call ServiceMaster DSI for fire and water damage restoration in Kansas City, MO. Why? Because we see the […]

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Kansas City Residents: Are You Prepared for Fire Damage?

Participate in National Fire Prevention Month in Kansas City with ServiceMaster DSI! The month isn’t over yet! There’s still plenty of time to plan, prepare, and prevent fire damage in your Kansas City, MO home or business. These tips, brought to you by the fire restoration technicians of ServiceMaster DSI can help you make the […]

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Get the Leaves Out of Your Gutters and Prevent Water Damage in Kansas City, MO

ServiceMaster DSI provides some simple tips to prevent water damage for Kansas City homeowners. Most residents think of spring as the rainiest season, but autumn can bring about just as much precipitation. In addition to sheets of rain pouring down, you’ll also see fading leaves falling from trees. It’s all a beautiful sight until those leaves […]

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Construction Services in Kansas City, MO

ServiceMaster DSI provides construction services and cleanup for Kansas City homes and businesses. Dealing with water damage repair can be a stressful situation. Unfortunately, after the water damage is cleaned up, you could still have to worry about reconstruction of your home. That is where ServiceMaster DSI of Kansas City, MO comes in to play. […]

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Flood Cleanup Services in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides flood cleanup services in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Perhaps water recently seeped into your basement due to heavy rains. Or worse, the torrential downpours caused the sewer line to back-up into your home or business. Maybe you’ve experienced a broken pipe or leaking water heater. Regardless the cause or severity, […]

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Fire Prevention Tips for Kansas City Homes and Businesses

For emergency fire restoration services, call ServiceMaster DSI. Do you have the proper fire prevention techniques in place to protect your home from accidental fire damage?  You might be under the impression that a fire could never happen in your home, or that you are well-protected enough to combat the damage that flames might do. […]

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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City, MO

ServiceMaster DSI also offers Professional Home Carpet Cleaning Services in North Kansas City and St. Joseph, MO, as well as Overland Park, KS After a rainy summer afternoon, you may notice the carpet at your home entrance is dirty and wet from kids, company, or even the family pet. You may think that the moisture will […]

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Mold Remediation in Kansas City, MO

ServiceMaster DSI provides emergency mold removal services in Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas Summer is coming to an end, but you may still be dealing with dampness in your basement. This is a concern because it means you could have mold growth that requires professional mold removal. The mold remediation professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are […]

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