Myths Surrounding the Use of Hydroxyl Generators for Smoke Odor Removal From Homes in Overland Park, KS

If your Overland Park, KS home suffers fire damage, it’s time to call the experienced technicians at ServiceMaster DSI for fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal. We’ll ensure that there are no smoke odors or lingering signs of fire damage once the work is done.

To do this, we use a variety of equipment and cleaners during cleanup, including hydroxyl generators.

Today we’ll bust some myths surrounding the use of hydroxyl generators for smoke odor removal.

Myth #1 Hydroxyl Generators Need 60% Humidity to Work Effectively

This is a big myth. Hydroxyl generators can work effectively even when humidity is about 5%. While humidity certainly has a role to play in chemical reactions taking place for creating hydroxyl radicals.

But, variations in humidity will usually not have any significant effect on the ability of hydroxyl generator to eliminate odors. Additionally, changes in humidity will also not determine whether a hydroxyl generator properly functions or not.

Myth #2 A Strong Fan is Needed for Blowing Hydroxyl Radicals

In reality, a cascading effect takes place and hydroxyl radicals are continuously created inside the treatment space.

This cascading effect allows the hydroxyl radicals to eliminate odors.

Air movers help to distribute hydroxyl radicals within hard to reach areas of your home.

Myth #3 All Hydroxyl Generators Work the Same Way

There are actually two types of machines and the process they use for creating hydroxyl radicals is quite different.

UV Light: Hydroxyl generators that use UV light help in the generation of hydroxyl radicals, which spreads throughout the treatment location by way of a chain reaction.

This way the radicals are able to remove smoke odors from air and also from structural elements and content.

Photocatalytic Oxidation: In this process, air passing through the hydroxyl machine gets treated and the VOCs present in the air are removed.

In photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process, hydroxyl radicals don’t leave the machine and as such, this process isn’t able to remove odors absorbed by structures and contents.

Myth #4 Ozone Generators Speed Up Smoke Odor Removal

Actually, hydroxyl generators are faster for smoke odor removal than ozone generators. While ozone generators are effective, restoration technicians cannot continue their work while they are in use. Hydroxyl generators allow our technicians to finish working, making the whole process go much more quickly.

Also, hydroxyl radicals are more reactive than ozone, allowing them to remove volatile organic compounds more effectively.

Hiring experienced professionals will give you confidence that smoke odor removal will be quick and effective! The smoke odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster DSI have the tools, experience, and training needed to restore your Overland Park, KS, home to its pre-loss condition. We’re available 24/7/365, so contact us at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance!

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