The Challenges Experts Handle during Mold Removal Work at Prairie Village, KS, Homes

If mold has started growing in your home in Prairie Village, KS, then immediate action is necessary to avoid further damage. By hiring a professional firm like ServiceMaster DSI for this work, you’ll have the assurance that the correct steps will be taken for complete mold removal from your home.

Our focus here is on checking the way moisture and condensation problems assist mold growth in homes. In addition, we delve into details of measures mold cleanup technicians take for managing as well as controlling the problem of condensation.


Mold Growth Due to Water Damage

If a home suffers water damage from heavy rains, plumbing leaks, or flooding, then it needs proper water extraction and restoration work. However, such water damage could be caused by other reasons that are difficult to determine and not so obvious.

For example, if it’s found that the adhesive used to join the concrete slab and floor has not cured as required, then the dampness within the slab could cause issues, and that dampness could cause mold to grow over the adhesive.

Likewise, if the exterior wall is covered by vinyl wallpaper, high humidity could cause air to condense on the back of the wallpaper, making it an ideal environment for mold growth.

Experienced mold removal technicians are well aware of these situations, and so are able to locate the issues. These are the kind of problems that inexperienced technicians or nonspecialists might well overlook.

Now let’s look into how mold remediation experts solve these issues to ensure you do not have to face mold again after the cleanup is completed.


Solving the Problem of Condensation

Water damage restoration professionals understand that if they can take care of a condensation problem in your home, then it will become easier to control mold growth.

The level of condensation depends on the dew point, so mold removal experts focus on controlling the dew point.

Technicians examine the dew point and surface temperature for colder surfaces inside your home. If it’s found that the dew point is higher than the surface temperature, then moisture could start condensing over those surfaces.

For example, the air ducts carry air-conditioned air of 64°F, and they have the same surface

temperature. If a leak occurs in your ventilation system, causing an influx of humid air with a higher dew point (like 74°F), then moisture in the air will start condensing over air ducts and facilitate mold growth.

To avoid such issues, mold remediation experts analyze the dew point within your house to see if it’s higher than normal, and they try to find out what is causing such higher dew point so that underlying issue can be fixed.


As you can see, experience and expertise matter when it comes to mold removal work. We at ServiceMaster DSI have both. Call us today at (816) 527-9412 to get your Prairie Village, KS, home back to normal!


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