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Mold Remediation in Kansas City, MO

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Mold can be a major contributor to illness and poor air quality in your home. ServiceMaster DSI knows that mold invasion in your home or business is a serious matter. Mold contamination has been identified as a major contributor to building-related illness and poor indoor air quality. Without proper mitigation after a water damage event, mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours. Proper and prompt mold remediation in Kansas City, MO is essential to maintaining a healthy building.

The professional mold removal experts of ServiceMaster DSI are thoroughly trained in the best process for eradication of the fungi. Mold remediation is not necessary a difficult service to perform, but it can be very tricky to ensure full mold removal within a home. Principles like containment, negative air pressure, and protection from exposure must be clearly understood.

ServiceMaster DSI has the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle mold removal claims of all sizes in your building. We employ seven Certified Mold Premeditators and a Certified Microbial Specialist. In addition to our certified experts, we have adopted the best practices as outlined by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) for mold remediation in Kansas City, MO. We work with a variety of environmental companies and have achieved a +97% pass ratio on first clearance.

Mold contamination continues to receive increased attention in the media and remains a rapidly growing concern for homeowners and property managers. Don’t let your home become the next property that mold conquers.

When you use ServiceMaster DSI, you can be sure that we will clean your home and improve your indoor air quality. In Kansas City, North Kansas City, and St. Joseph, MO, as well as Overland Park, KS, call the mold remediation professionals of ServiceMaster DSI at 800-954-9444!


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