Long Term Dangers Posed in Kansas City From Lack Of Odor Removal

Strange odors in your home or business are unpleasant, but they can also be dangerous, depending on the source. The smell of a gas leak, smoky smells, and chemical smells are warning signals that something dangerous is in a building’s atmosphere. Some odors are long term signals that might not alert you to danger as quickly as others. At ServiceMaster DSI, we offer odor removal services in Kansas City, MO to put an end to harmful smells.

These situations are some of the most common causes of dangerous long-term odors:

  • Post-fire scents are often acrid, sooty, and smoky. When materials in a home or business catch fire, they leave behind traces of carcinogens and toxic ashes. Plastics and chemical fire residues are the most dangerous post-fire smells.


  • Post-water smells are musky, moldy smells. Mildew scents are common results of water damage from flooding or consistent high humidity. Rotting building materials and mold are often culprits of water damage, and they are harmful sources of long term odors.


  • Hoarding is a less-common cause of odor than water or fire damage, but incidents of hoarding can build up gross filth that creates a range of dangerous smells. Often, cases of hoarding can affect a home for years to come if rigorous, thorough cleaning is neglected.


  • Crime scenes are also slightly out of the ordinary when it comes to sources of odors in homes and businesses. However, smells from crime scenes can be the most dangerous because they are usually signals for traces of biohazardous materials or chemicals left behind.


Without proper restoration and cleanup services, odors from any of these sources can be left behind and pose health risks to those exposed. Contact ServiceMaster DSI today if you suspect you need professional odor removal in Kansas City, MO.

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